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Lantern Festival at the preschool


The preschool had been closed for two weeks in honor of Chinese New Year. School started back on Monday, but the New Year festivities officially end with the Lantern Festival on Thursday. Instead of a normal school day, the preschool had family activities. Of course, Schäfer loved having us visit his school.

When we first entered the preschool, we noticed there was a new commercial about the school running on all the TV’s. Then, we noticed that our son started the commercial by wishing everyone a happy new year (in Chinese) and then hopping around with his classmates like bunnies. Well, it is the Year of the Rabbit after all.

Back in January, the school called to see if Schäfer could stay all day since they were filming a commercial. We agreed because the school has been so generous to our family by giving Schäfer Chinese lessons during the English class and by discounting our fees since Schäfer only attends for half a day.

Today, we were able to see the commercial. It was fun. Schäfer was only in the beginning. The rest of the commercial had other kids doing normal kindergarten things like surfing the internet, etc.

Back to the Lantern Festival Festivities…

It wouldn’t be Lantern Festival without riddles to solve! When we first walked in, we were expected to solve a riddle. I can’t solve riddles in English – much less Chinese. We asked Schäfer’s teacher to help us. She said, “Oh just grab one. They’re easy!” So we grabbed one, but she couldn’t solve it! Thankfully, another teacher helped us all out.

Our next stop was to create a little Tong Yuan art. Tong Yuan is a ball of sweet goodness that is eaten on Lantern Festival. We were all suppose to curl up pieces of tissue paper and glue them onto a bowl that Hubs carved out of cardboard.

Fun! Colorful Tong Yuan!

After our craft, we went to the next station and made our own black sesame Tong Yuan!

Sianna couldn’t wait! Meanwhile, Selah slept through all of this in the sling.

Schäfer carefully placed the black sesame into the dough.

He patted it down for good measure.

Tong Yuan!

Our fourth and final station was to eat Tong Yuan! I love how Hubs legs cannot fit under this table.

Cooling it down.

After one bite, you can see the black sesame surprise in the middle.

Schäfer learned to throw this “heart” sign at preschool. Whenever they want to take his photo, he makes a heart with his hands. These days, he throws heart hands when Sianna does something correct like finishing her vegetables.

For completing all four stations: solving the riddle, creating Tong Yuan art, making Tong Yuan, and eating Tong Yuan, Schäfer received a prize sticker!

1 comment to Lantern Festival at the preschool

  • Erica

    I love that Schafer learned the heart sign at preschool… Anna came home one day saying “oh my lady gaga” a new phrase that her teachers so graciously shared with her. It stopped quickly. I made certain of that!

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