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She’s back.

At the end of October Hubs called an agency to get some house help.

10.30.10 At 8 months pregnant, I simply could not ride my bike to the market, prepare 2 meals a day from scratch (we eat oatmeal for breakfast), mop, do the dishes and keep up with the laundry.

Hubs asked the

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Winter Favorites

homemade hot chocolate

Carma’s hand knit blanket makes the perfect road race

Schäfer starting the soy milk machine at 6:30am

butter left on the counter never melts

placing food on the outside balcony for refrigeration

baked oatmeal

flannel pajamas

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Valentine’s Outfit x 3

Schäfer – 1 month 15 days

Sianna – 8 months 24 days

Selah – 1 month 21 days

Valentine’s Day 2011

02.13.11 On the night before Valentine’s Day, Schäfer painted hearts to go on his teacher’s Valentine cards.

The next morning, he glued the hearts on cards and placed them inside funky, red Ikea ziploc bags along with three large heart shaped cookies. For his classmates, he had another zip lock back full of small

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Lessons in Apartment Hunting

Xin Xin’s Nai Nai stopped by the house to ask if we knew anyone who would be willing to rent an apartment. She had a friend who was looking for renters. Hubs said he didn’t know anyone, but he would be willing to go look at it.

It turns out that the apartment is Nai

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Perspective on 9 Days of Single Parenting

This morning, Schäfer wanted “a ride” to the living room. I was going to dress him there because it’s warmer than his bedroom. Sianna decided that she also needed a ride. (Selah was down for her morning nap.)

Motherhood is all about balance.

Now that Hubs has been home for a couple

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