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Mid-March Madness

Hubs came home from a trip with a little gift: under the cabinet kitchen lights! The lighting is so soft. It makes a huge difference compared to the overhead florescent light. Hubs took his time and installed them with excellence. If only we had known in 10 days we’d be looking for another apartment!

We took the popped rice we purchased from The Popcorn Cannon and tried to make rice crispy treats . The marshmallows from scratch were excellent, but the popped rice didn’t hold together like true Rice Krispies. Great taste. Strange texture.

We’re starting to use our kitchen scale more often. I’m addicted to measuring flour when baking. I do think it has made a big difference in my Amish white bread. Hubs used it to measure the dough for tortillas before he rolled them out.

The Tonka truck is still everyone’s favorite toy. Schäfer likes to push Sianna around. Sometimes she loves this. Sometimes she doesn’t. She always lets us know either way!

I love it when the kids play together.

He’s growing up right before my eyes.

Each evening, Hubs leads the kids in their bedtime prayers.

Sianna enjoys playing with play-dough. On this particular evening,  Schäfer was painting, Sianna was playing with play-dough, Selah was in the boucy seat and I was washing dishes.

Well, I finished the dishes and grabbed Selah to feed her. When Schäfer decided that he was finished  painting,  I instructed him in a little self clean up while I nursed Selah on the couch.

Meanwhile, Sianna remained contained in her high chair busy with the play-dough toys.



At some point, she grabbed Schäfer’s paint brushes (which I thought were beyond her reach) and got paint everywhere – including the couch!  The paint was from a kit and most regrettably it does not come out.

Next time, I’ll stop nursing and put the paints away immediately.

Note to self: Sianna is a curious, active tot!

I found Schäfer asleep in his “pilot hat”.

Schäfer now says, “First I’m going to be a helicopter pilot, then I’m going to be an airplane pilot, then I’ll be a stealth fighter pilot, then I’ll be a space shuttle pilot. After that, I will only fly space shuttles.”

I love his flying progression.

He also often asks, “When are you going to take me to see the first airplane?” I guess at some point, we told him that the first airplane was at a museum in America. Funny how we say things and forget about them, but he remembers.  Looks like we’ll be stopping by D.C. next time we’re in the states.

Love these everyday moments.

One evening, after supper, Sianna grabbed the book Counting Kisses. She carried it over to Hubs, pointed to the cover and said, “Mei Mei!” which means little sister. She thought the baby on the cover looked like Selah. It does!

As Hubs read the book to her, she gave the baby kisses! Over and over she loved on that baby. Oh how it warmed my heart to see her so loving!

Of course, Schäfer wanted to get in on the action. The two of them smooching on that book baby made me laugh until I cried.

Sianna gives Papa a big hug and kiss before he goes to work.

Selah’s outfit is so funny. Each morning, I get up and dress the girls. When Ayi comes, she decides that Selah does not have enough layers on so she goes and grabs something else to put on her. It doesn’t matter what size the clothes are.

On this particular morning, she put Sianna’s fleece pajamas on Selah. It’s always a delight to see what Selah ends up wearing each day!

Sister love.

Since moving the books and puzzles in the living room, Schäfer has been more active in reading and working.

On Saturday morning, the kids went out on the balcony to see the neighbor’s weekly dog convention.

Each Saturday, our first floor neighbors have a doggy playdate with their dog’s extended family. “Potato” apparently has many brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately, the day after this photo was taken, Potato was taken to the countryside. Our neighbor said he constantly “made a mess” and “got her clothes dirty”.

Aunt Joy and Uncle Dennis will be happy to see that Sianna is an avid golfer. Well, she has yet to practice her swing. Mostly, she loves to wheel her clubs around. I guess that would make her an avid caddy.

The weather is warming up which means the kids are back to taking regular baths. In the winter, we go down to a bath once a week. Thanks to the warmer weather the kids are playing harder, getting dirtier, and needing to splish splash just a little bit longer.

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