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International House Hunters

On Monday, we learned that our apartment was for sale. Hubs cleared his calendar and immediately went apartment hunting not knowing what to expect.

A few weeks ago, when we were tired of the mold, we searched for another apartment, but couldn’t find anything.

I asked Hubs if we should wait and “press our luck”

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Salt Chaos

While having our landlord sell the apartment out from under us can be termed as ‘troublesome’ at worst, we shouldn’t forget that many in Japan have perished or had their homes completely destroyed by the Sendai earthquake and tsunami.

We send our prayers…God, we know this world is not as You have intended nor as

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Are you kidding me?

This morning, on my way back from taking Schäfer to preschool, I ran into our 5th floor neighbor. He mentioned that he saw a commercial on television advertising our apartment for sale.

“Really?” I said. “Our landlord hasn’t mentioned anything about this.”

Sure, last week our landlord called and suddenly some cameramen stopped by the

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Thank you Sprout Family!

We received an exciting care package from the Sprout family! When the littlest sprout grew, Mama Sprout mentioned that she wanted to share some clothes with Selah.

We immediately put the clothes to use!

I especially love this sweet pink butterfly sleeper. It reminds me of this wrapping paper and the baby shower

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Walmart Camel

Since Walmart isn’t quite as convenient as it once was (it’s now a 10 RMB taxi ride versus a 1 RMB bus ride), we try to cut our trips to once a month.

This usually results in me (Hubs) loading up a small cart (no large carts in China) with a mound of stuff. I

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a year later

A year ago we moved.

Hubs and I have different perspectives on how the last year has gone.

For me, it’s been tough.

To tell you the truth, it’s still hard to swallow.

Life here is so different. Yes, there’s been a change in urban sprawl, but there’s also been a change in our family.

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