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Final Day in Hong Kong

Well, today Sianna’s passport should arrive. Unfortunately, it could arrive anytime between 9am – 6:30pm so there was no way to grab the passport and have confidence that we could make the train.

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To celebrate our final day in Hong Kong, we rode the subway to Disneyland.

Schäfer started the day by riding Buzz Lightyear… twice.

After Buzz, the entire family rode Cinderella’s Carousel.

2011-04-26@11-30-17 2011-04-26@11-28-54
Sianna loves the carousel and has difficulty leaving when the ride ends!

Selah’s first carousel ride. (Too bad she was looking down.)

Then, we rode Winnie the Pooh thanks to some Fast Passes Hubs grabbed while we were in line for the carousel. Each time we ride it, Schäfer does better. I have to agree, it’s a little LOUD.

Before we got on the ride, Hubs said, “I’ll tell you where the camera is and we can make faces.” I was so excited. Obviously, I got a little too excited.

Oh. I thought we were making silly faces.

By this time, Selah wanted to nurse so instead of going off to a corner by myself or walking over to the nursing station, we decided to take in a show. After all, the shows are dark and about 30 minutes long. It ended up being a great decision. I could nurse and watch the kids enjoy Mickey’s Philharmagic.

The first time we took Schäfer to see this 3D show in Sept. ’09, we had to leave within the first 10 minutes because “Donald Duck ate his forehead.”  This time, he did very good and took his glasses off when the 3D action was too much.

Sianna loved it all (from the security of Hubs lap) and reached out to grab the characters as they floated by.

This show also has studio effects like our chairs shaking, being sprayed with misty water, etc. (Both kids were OK with those types of effects.)

2011-04-26@12-24-59 2011-04-26@12-26-06
Somehow, we always come upon the High School Musical streamers.

I love the animation on his face. I wish I could recall the story he was telling us.

Since we’ve recovered from Winnie the Pooh and Mickey’s Philharmagic trauma, we decided it was time to give the Jungle River Cruise another try.

Since the last part of the cruise has an exploding volcano, I decided to keep Sianna in the Ergo. You know, it’s really great for our attachment when I say, “Mommy will take care of you! Mommy will keep you safe from the volcano!”

Schäfer was not a big fan, but he made it through.

By then, Selah was hungry again, so we decided to see the Lion King show.  The kids were both getting tired so we sat in the very top where there was plenty of room for them to lie down. They both ended up watching the show. Selah nursed the entire time and I got to see some pretty amazing costumes.

Then we decided to find a spot in the shade for the parade. Oh yes. We settled down 30 minutes before the actual parade began. Since I had an itty bitty salad for lunch (the language in the menu was no accurate regarding portion size), Hubs treated me to a Mickey waffle. (I’m always starving after I nurse.) I didn’t realize waffles were available in the park, but Hubs found a little stand that sold them. YUM.

While we waited for the parade, Schäfer cut High School Musical streams with a little boy from India. HKDL has tons of guests from India and the middle east. It’s a small world after all!

Schäfer found the perfect spot to watch the parade.

Since we were in the mood to do something different (than ride Buzz Lightyear), we decided to ride the train around the park. Hubs was hoping that from the trains high viewpoint he could get a sneak peak into Toy Story Land. Things were pretty busy over there and we hope they will finish by November!

I took the girls to the nursing station for diaper changes and a feeding while Hubs took Schäfer to ride Buzz Lightyear one final time. Unfortunately, there was a one hour wait! We’re never had to wait before. We were surprised at how busy the park was suddenly.

Schäfer scored ice cream #2 and Hubs called it a day.

I’m so thankful we took one final day to play together because as soon as we return home, busy begins.

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