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Good Friday Goodness 2011

I don’t know what it is, but the kids love to pile in our bed in the morning. It doesn’t matter how long they have been awake. At some point (generally during the first diaper change of the day), everyone piles back in the bed.

I love how Selah has Raffe. Schäfer has Sianna’s bunny. Sianna has her bunny blanket. Lovies for everyone!

A little snuggling starts the day just right.

Schäfer gave Hubs a break from work to share his latest masterpiece.

We’ve been enjoying a Singaporean restaurant which is right around the corner from where we are staying.

Schäfer and Sianna easily crashed for afternoon naps today. I’m always thankful when nap time is easy.

This evening, I had a craving for some really good Italian so we went to Amaroni’s Little Italy in Festival Walk. YUM.

I forgot how they serve family style! (I love eating family style.)

I forgot how big their portion sizes are. We had enough left overs for 2 more meals.

I forgot that they had Italian lessons playing in the bathroom. Ascolto di lezioni di lingua italiana nel bagno è divertente!

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