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Happy Easter 2011

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Selah turned four months old today! Happy 1st Easter!

We had a small “basket” (old cracker container) with a few Easter surprises inside. A little candy goes a long way in this house.

Hubs and I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that we unexpectedly spent Christmas in Qing Dao and now we’re unexpectedly spending Easter in Hong Kong.

We read the Easter story, had breakfast and got the entire SKx5 to the bus stop on time.

Everyone loves to ride a double decker bus. We’re above the traffic lights!

We had an awesome Sunday morning. I love learning new songs!

After Sunday school, Schäfer couldn’t wait to show Papa the decorative egg his teacher gave him.

He was also super excited because he got to watch a special Veggie Tale and eat three buns.

(His teacher asked me if he could eat the third. She was very concerned about him eating too much. I assured her it was normal.)

He was so proud of his basket & egg. Schäfer would most definitely agree that his Buzz Lightyear t-shirt is his “Sunday best”.

In honor of Easter, we decided to finally give King Ludwig’s a try. It’s a German buffet restaurant that we’ve always wanted to try, but were never willing to pay the price. Given the “special Easter buffet” promotion, we decided to go for it.

At first, we were seated at a high table in the far corner of the restaurant, but I assured them that we needed a high chair so we would also need a standard table.

I think the manager was disappointed that our reservation for 4 was actually 2 adults and 2 little kids who still eat for free.

The buffet was OK. We probably won’t go back. There were a few varieties of sausages. The potatoes were good.

The kraut was amazing. (Hubs disagrees.)

The dessert buffet was extensive. (Hubs agrees.)

Hubs could not stop visiting the dessert buffet.

There was so much to sample!

2011-04-24@12-52-40 2011-04-24@12-52-52
2011-04-24@12-53-12 2011-04-24@12-53-27
Part of the Easter buffet promotion was the promise of “games and prizes for the kids”. One waitress gave Sianna a pair of bunny ears.

Schäfer stayed in character for the rest of the day hopping wherever he needed to go.

Nothing says He Is Risen quite like a Peep.

Selah ate. Then, napped. Then, ate again.
She, too, likes a buffet.

After our meal, the restaurant provided boiled eggs for coloring.

Everyone took some time to decorate their egg.


Schäfer was proud to show Hubs his work.

While Hubs figured out the best way to get back to the apartment, we had many a hopping contest.




Happy Easter! Time to hop on the subway!

After some much needed Easter naps, we went to the park.

When there’s only one swing, Schäfer and Sianna share.

This was Hubs brilliant idea.

If either of them start to feel a need for change, then Schäfer stands on the back. (All under adult supervision.)

These days, you’ll find me looking like this. Personally, I don’t really enjoy wearing a blanket because even the lightest of cottons still makes Selah hot.

I can be very discrete without the blanket, but it seems that it may make others more comfortable if I have something covering me. Normally, I forget to pack a blanket so I end up using Sianna’s bunny blanket which can cause… tension to say the least.

Multitasking = nursing + keeping an eye on a very active 4-year-old and a very anxious 23 month old.

Sianna loves to sing “Skinna-ma-rinky”. If I were an iPod, this would be on repeat.

Happy Easter!

3 comments to Happy Easter 2011

  • Ana

    Ever heard of a hooter hider? I know, great name. But it’s amazing and it works! Let me know if you’d like me to send you one. It helped so much when I was nursing in Caleb in hot and humid India.

  • Ana

    P.s. That’s one of Evan’s favorite songs too! I think our kiddos would have a blast together!

  • Ana

    Sorry for all the comments. No need to publish or post. There’s a hilarious chevy commercial with that song. Not sure what model chevy but maybe you can find it on YouTube. I found it extremely hilarious because Evan loves the song so much…I’ll try and look for it and send you the link. :).

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