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Hello Shanghai Disneyland!

This evening after the kids were in bed, I read that after a decade of rumors and negotiations, ground has been broken for Shanghai Disneyland.

My favorite facts from the this WSJ post are:

  • the park will feature the largest and tallest Storybook Castle built anywhere by Disney
  • Disney is to operate the theme park, which is expected to take five years to complete.
  • the total area of the Shanghai Disney Resort at 3.9 square kilometers at opening (for the park alone – not including services like hotels) Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is officially 1.26 square kilometers including all services.
  • the Hong Kong park will expand by 25% (more scoop on this later)
  • 330 million people live within a three-hour drive or train ride of Shanghai
  • Disney is expert at crowd management and highlighted plans for “digital” effects that reduce the overcrowded feeling.
  • what’s not going to Shanghai: a Main Street U.S.A. “We simply believe that a Main Street U.S.A. just might not be that interesting to people here.”
  • 43% of the resort project to Disney and 57% to a trio of state-owned businesses, collectively known as the Shanghai Shendi Group Co. Ltd (Sorry, I heart economics. Just had to throw that fact in.)

I think Disneyland will be wildly successful in Shanghai. We’ll probably visit at some point, but with 330 million people living within 3 hours of the park, I’m not sure when the “low season” will be.

Can’t wait to spin my kids in teacups.

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