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Stuck in Hong Kong

This morning, Mommy and Sianna had a very long appointment with a doctor. We were both exhausted when it was over.

Even after a delicious lunch, Sianna was kaput.

Last night, we gave away Ergo #2 to our friends. They needed it and we can easily ordered another one off when we get

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Medical Day 2

This morning, I had an appointment with Schäfer’s birth doctor. After Selah’s surprise home birth, I wanted to see a doctor that I was familiar with and trust completely.

My doctor said to be sure to “tell all my friends” that if any of us ever have another fast home birth, we should lie on

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To the dentist and beyond!

Today we had three appointments which amounted to a whole lotta riding the MTR.

At 9am Hubs went to his check-up. At 10, I dropped Schäfer and Sianna off with friends and headed to an appointment with Selah. Wherever mine milk goest, so goeth thee.

After Hubs and I survived the 11am appointment, we grabbed

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A day of rest.

How much do I love Sunday?

In college, I use to take a good 4 hour nap on Sunday afternoon.

These days? Not so much.

But I do love the exciting feeling that a new week has begun.

This morning, we met some friends at the bus stop to all go to a really awesome

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A day of nothing.

The kids woke at 6:30am… on a Saturday. They were exhausted, but completely awake. Gotta love these little bundles of endless energy. If only I had packed some black out curtains!

This morning, we met our friends for a playdate in the park. Hubs had to run a couple of errands.

Around noon all

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Hong Kong Disneyland Park Expansion

While we were at Hong Kong Disneyland, we took a moment to check out the park’s expansion.

I’ll be interested to see if they keep the ticket price low once the three new area’s open.

For those of you on the East side, here’s what we learned…

Scheduled to open in November 2011 is

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