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Wok Corn

Back when we were younger, we were excited when the family made a bowl of popcorn. Not just because it’s so yummy, but also because our parent’s air poppers were just so cool to watch!

One of our dear friends, Erin, told us that she used a pot with a handle to make kettle corn. We thought that was pretty snazzy, but didn’t have room for another kitchen gadget.

For the past few years, we’ve been eating microwave popcorn in some crazy local flavors such as “strawberry cream” and “sweet orange”.

All of that microwave co-dependency ended when we found Sara Beth’s recipe for Kettle Corn. Apparently, it’s easy to make popcorn on the stove top using any kind of pot with a lid. No fancy air popper or spinning top necessary!

One afternoon last week, I (Hubs), bought a large bag of popcorn kernels. I figured it would be far less expensive than microwave popcorn.

Let’s get this popping started!

3 Tablespoons oil
3 Tablespoons sugar
1/3 cup popcorn kernels


Get the oil nice and hot. Then, add the popcorn and sugar.

Better put a lid on before they start popping!

A clear lid offers a great view.

The popcorn will soon start to pop. Grab a couple oven mitts.

Shake every ten seconds to prevent burning.

It will be ready when most of the kernels have popped. Sprinkle a little salt on top and watch how fast they disappear!

Schäfer gives the popcorn his “heart” of approval.

And a big thumbs up!

Sianna really likes popcorn, too!

This is what post-nap, snack-time-happiness looks like at our house.

4 comments to Wok Corn

  • Erin

    Brilliant! LOVE this idea… I’m all about multi-purpose kitchen gadgets when you live in a tiny space. 🙂 Enjoy the kettle corn! Hugs to all.

  • I make popcorn on the stove all the time, but I’ve never attempted kettle corn. I will now!!!

  • Kurt & Heather

    Hey guys,

    Too funny.

    We are catching up enjoying your postings, beautiful baby and kid pics and sitting here munching on bowls of popcorn that Kurt just popped up on the stove. Your kettle corn recipe is exactly as Kurt has made it in the past. The kids are purists however and didn’t care for the extra sweetness. Kurt says his grandpa made it with pot and spoon on the stove.

    We do hope that your move, Hong Kong trip, visas went well. And that the flu is long gone. There is nothing worse than an entire sick household…but oh the memories you make at those times! 🙂 And the thankfullness you have that it is over!!

    Love you good friends and are continually praying for you all.

    ~~~Kurt & Heather

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