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Happy Dog Park

On Tuesday, 05.31, the preschool hosted the annual Children’s Day performance. This performance is a BIG DEAL and the students have been preparing all spring semester.

The preschool had the performance a day early because they are taking Children’s Day (June 1st) as a holiday.

Just like all the parents, we came to

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Family of 5 Bike Ride

05.29.11 On Saturday evening, we found ourselves with some free time + good weather. We decided it was time for our entire family to go on a bike ride. Selah isn’t big enough to sit in the iBert, so she got strapped on my back. Selah enjoyed the side view in between snoozes.

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Crafty Computer Day at the Preschool

When Teacher He told us that Saturday was Craft Day at the preschool, we weren’t sure what to do. Hubs already had a commitment and he felt terrible for missing another one of Schäfer’s special activities. The parenting guilt was heavy on both our hearts.

We decided that since Sianna doesn’t like people, she would

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May Goodness

05.22.11 I LOVE IT when my entryway looks like this because that means…

05.22.11 …my living room looks like this!

Sure, May/June/July are c.r.a.z.y. busy, but they are also so good.

05.24.11 We had some super strange weather near the end of May and I had to get the kids polartecs out!

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Thank you C Family!

Way back in February, the C family and Hubs crossed paths. They were kind enough to send some sticker sheets for the kids and a hand towel to me. (I feel the need to apologize for the white balance in this photo.)

I use this kitchen towel everyday and think of you guys

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“Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Cake and Frosting

Hershey’s has a recipe called “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Cake. Trust me, the name is spot on.

We first made this recipe for my birthday when we were hunkered down in QingDao waiting for Selah’s arrival. (Hence the tea light birthday candle.)

The recipe was so memorable, I had to bake it for

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