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Thank you Sister!


My Sister is awesome. She is the Queen of Sale Items. Seriously. When she sees something we could use at 90% off, she’ll grab it for us. There is a drawer in her house dedicated to stuff for us.

Then, once a year, when the American students come she empties “our drawer”

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Thank you Nanamaw & Great Grandmaw! (Part 1)

Schäfer and Sianna wanted to send Nanamaw a big thanks for their new band-aids.

I don’t know about your house, but around here, owies are a BIG deal. If somebody has an owie then there’s a round of band-aids for everyone.

Honestly, I cannot give one kid a band-aid without giving the other kid

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Thank you Nanamaw & Aunt Gloria

When it came time to plan Sianna’s birthday party, I knew she would want these things: 1. no people 2. pink decorations 3. stickers 4. more stickers

Once I had the *heart* theme, I asked my Mom and sister to hit up the Valentines Day sale racks to see if they could find anything to

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Thank you V family!

Thank you P & C for the sweet outfit you gave baby Selah!

Mother’s Day 2011 :: Part 2

Since we traveled to Nanchang on Mother’s Day, I wanted to take a moment before time slipped away to take some photos with the kids. Thank you Hubs for being our patient photographer.

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2011 Schäfer 4, Sianna 23.5 months, Selah 5 months

Now this is more like it.

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Mother’s Day 2011 :: Part 1


Early Mother’s Day morning, we boarded a train and headed to Nanchang to visit friends before our summer program began.

Selah was anxious to meet her newest friend PJ. He’s 2 months younger than Selah. From the start, they’ve got a lot in common! PJ also decided to make his debut rather

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