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Hello Gary!

We got home from Hong Kong and had one night of sleep in our own beds before heading back to Nanchang. Gary, from Hubs university host family, was coming to Nanchang to visit us for the evening. What an incredible surprise!

We arrived a couple of hours earlier than necessary so the kids could check out a new play area.

Schäfer and Sianna both love these little plastic cars.

Selah isn’t crawling yet so she gets her full of “people watching” while in the play area.

Schäfer loves to swing. There are no swings in our neighborhood so this is a real treat.

Sometimes Sianna loves these places and sometimes she doesn’t. Today, it was crowded so she didn’t explore as much as she might have on another day.

Well, hello Gary! Fancy meeting you here!

During Hubs university days, he crashed with Gary & family. The story is that he was renting an apartment with two other guys. After the summer was over, his two roommates decided not to come back to school, leaving hubs with a year contract and paying the full rent.

After unsuccessfully trying to find roommates for four months (school had started an everyone already had a place) his money was nearly used up. Coincidentally, at that time, also came the biggest flood in 100 years. A number of married student apartments were flooded out. A nice couple agreed to take over the contract, but hubs was left nearly broke.

After making an appeal to his church for a place to live, Gary & Debbie offered a downstairs bedroom. They had for a number of years hosted university workers at their home. It just so happened at that time their guest room was free. And the rest is history…

Gary was in Shanghai for a couple of weeks on computer engineering business. He worked long hours, but had his weekends free. We decided it would be easiest for him to take the 6 hour speed train to Nanchang.

His Shanghainese co-workers could not understand why on earth he would want to come to Nanchang. Obviously, they’ve never met us!

By coming to Nanchang, Gary got a feel of the real China. Read: we were the only foreigners he saw during his visit.

We went to a restaurant off the square that a friend recommended. It did not disappoint!

The atmosphere reminded us of… days long ago.

I love how the Chairman is looming over our meal.

That evening, I got the kids down for bed while Hubs showed Gary how a Chinese city comes to life during the summer months.

Thank you Gary for coming all the way to Nanchang to see us! We hope to see you on the East side again soon!

Time to get back to JiuJiang.
Yes, we are having to rotate who gets to ride on the suitcase.

Suitcase surfing… who knew?

1 comment to Hello Gary!

  • jdavis2

    that’s so awesome! so incredibly grateful for your Gary and all the Gary’s that bless you… and us. thanks for the insights into your past and your current life. makes us love you all the more. 😉

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