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Immunizations and a possible typhoon

Our train arrived in Shenzhen at 5:30am this morning. The border crossing opens at 6:30am. I was amazed at how easily we made it through passport control. I’m so thankful everyone in our family is on the same kind of passport!

Once through customs, we rode the KCR to the apartment as we were all in need of a quick shower.  Yes, trains are convenient and much cheaper than flying, but we do generally smell like smoke when we exit from them. (boo.)

We made it across Hong Kong and got to the doctor’s office on time.

Sianna got two shots and didn’t cry. Some things bother her. Other things don’t.

Weight: 10.6kg
Length: 81.5cm

Weight: 8.52kg
Length: 67cm

Dr. Chan and I disagree on some breastfeeding strategies, but we agree that Selah is healthy and developmentally on target.

There was a typhoon on the way to Hong Kong so sporadic showers were occurring. Meaning, it would downpour for 7 minutes, then it would be clear with blue skies for a random amount of time before it started down pouring again.

Thankfully, we were able to find a Triple O’s near the doctor’s office without getting completely wet. There was a mad lunch rush going on so Hubs and Schäfer ate first at a shared table with strangers. We gladly took any seat we could get.

Because the weather was so fickle, we decided to go to Disneyland. When it wasn’t down pouring, it was an unexpectedly nice, cool day.

2011-06-22@14-24-20 2011-06-22@14-24-21 2011-06-22@14-24-34
Our little monkey.

Disneyland has a Cars 2 theme for the summer.

Hubs and Schäfer played the Cars promotion game. There were four stations set up in the park.

After you played the game, you could spin a seal on your game paper.

2011-06-22@14-57-38 2011-06-22@15-26-05
2011-06-22@15-30-53 2011-06-22@15-38-31
We found each of the four game stations.

Schäfer turned the wheel to get all four seals.

Once we had all four seals, we went to Mission Control to show that our task was complete. Hubs and the kids got to take a photo which was available for free download online.

Schäfer thought this was fun!

Sianna didn’t really get what was going on.

Just as it started to rain, we went to see The Golden Mickey’s. This was our first time to see the show since September 2009 when it terrified Schäfer (it was LOUD).

Now that I’ve seen the show, I can tell you that it is a theatrical performance highlighting some music from the Disney movies.

The show was in Cantonese, but the music was all in English.

With the rain still going, we headed to It’s A Small World… because it’s indoors.

Hubs and Schäfer rode Buzz Lightyear while I took care of the girls. By 5:30pm, we left the park and headed to the apartment for sandwiches and an early bedtime for all.

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