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It’s that time again… immunizations!

After one night of sleep in my own bed, it was time to hit the road again. Selah and Sianna were due for their next round of immunizations.

I couldn’t imagine going to humid Hong Kong with such long hair on Schäfer.

Nothing says summer like a buzz haircut.

2011-06-21@14-32-17 2011-06-21@15-03-00
It seems like Schäfer grows up with each haircut. The other day I was thinking of gathering all the haircut photos and putting them in a little video. (I’m excellent at coming up with projects.)

By 3:50 we were on the train and ready to have some fun. The kids love to ride the train.

Thanks to the Blue family, Schäfer and Sianna had a little present waiting for them: magna doodles!

Schäfer’s “ocean”.

We’re having to keep a close watch on Selah.

See that look? That’s the “I’m about to start crawling” look.

Please don’t ask me why I thought it would be a fun idea to give the kids a sugar treat on the train.

Sticky was everywhere, but this smile totally makes it worth it.

Selah is all about pulling up on all fours and rocking back and forth.

Then, she takes a plunge forward.

Sianna also loved her magna doodle. Her favorite thing was to ask other people to draw something, then swipe it clean before the picture is finished. She’s excellent at being 2.

Selah’s back on all fours.

“Oh Mommy. I just need to move.”

After a while, Schäfer settled down for a little Leapfrog Letter Factory.

Sweet Selah.  Almost 6 months old.

Hubs tried to take a nap, but you see how that went.

The kids munched on banana bread and milk boxes. We did our best to put them to bed early since the train arrived in Shenzhen at 5:30am. It was a challenge because the train lights did not turn off until 9pm, but thankfully they both skipped their afternoon nap so they were easy to get down.

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