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June Wrap-Up

While the guys climbed Mt. Lu, I kept the girls at home. Hubs and I discussed Ergo-ing the girls up Mt. Lu, but we decided that they were just too young to enjoy it.

We made the right decision. On June 26th, Selah’s first tooth broke through. It was a dramatic time. Selah needed extra nursing and naps.

Meanwhile, Sianna broke out in hives! This is the second time she’s suddenly broken out. Thank goodness we were home so I could give her medicine immediately before things got out of hand.

With Hubs gone, the computer was free to call the Nanamaw.

Sianna loves to talk with Nanamaw. They sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Are you sleeping Brother John and anything else my Mom can think of.

Selah also wanted to say hi.

In fact, the girls were both so entertained by Nanamaw I slipped away and went to the bathroom – by myself! I have no clue why I didn’t think of internet babysitting a long time ago.

Hubs and Schäfer made it home Tuesday afternoon. Both were tired (from sharing a bed) but refreshed from being surrounded by nature.

Schäfer helped me make some homemade biscuits for Monkey Bread. It was my first time to make Monkey Bread completely from scratch and it turned out well. The last time I made it was in 2008 with my Grandmaw who had canned biscuits on hand.

Schäfer explains the birthday banner he made for a friend. Schäfer loves to make banners of any kind. If you drop by, he might just make a banner in your honor!

2 comments to June Wrap-Up

  • nanamaw

    I will be happy to inetrnet/skype babysit anytime you need. Sianna can sit still the longest and listen to songs and Mother Goose rhymes the longest. Glad to see Schafer still likes to help out in the kitchen. Love all the posts. nanamaw

  • jdavis2

    this is such a fabulous, good for my soul post! thank you so much! ahhhh… i love the feeling of being “in the room with you” updates. (((hugs))) all around!!!

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