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a time to retreat

During June 17 – 20, Mommy attended a Women’s Retreat. How can I just slip away for 4 days? Well, it wasn’t easy.

We had babysitters from 7:30am – 10pm on Friday. Then again on Saturday from 8am – 5pm. Sunday also had a few hours of babysitting in the afternoon.

On Monday, I do

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Not TMI in Asia

As we all know…

I finished giving my students their Oral English final exam yesterday. It was a relatively simple exam. They were given four topics dealing with the text. They only needed to select two and give a 4 minute speech on what they’ve learned and how they’ve changed related to each topic. They were allowed to bring

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Thank you Kristen!

It’s been way too long since we saw this friend. 01.17.2009

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you sent through the American students. The wooden pen writes awesome!

Schäfer loves to play the “get the froggy on the lily pad”game.

Sianna loves to carry the bag around

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9 Year Anniversary Togetherness

Right now… Hubs is in the middle of giving finals. There’s a “situation” that is also consuming his time.

Therefore, this evening, we left at 8:30pm to go on our date. It was literally the earliest we could get away.

I did a little research to confirm that this is our first date since November

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On our 9 Year Wedding Anniversary

June 15th was our 9 year wedding anniversary. It was a busy day. Hubs left at 7:30am and got home at 6:45pm. We plan on celebrating tomorrow when we can get babysitters. (Yes, apparently we need 2 babysitters.)

All day I was thinking of Hubs, our wedding day and lots of fun memories since. I

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