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Schäfer climbs Mt. Lu!

The American students had a few spare days so I (Shorel) led them on a mountain retreat. I also took the opportunity to let Schäfer make his first ascent.

For the most part Schäfer did quite well, happily climbing up the stairs with his unlimited energy.

He looks ready to tackle anything in his caravan hat and Thomas outfit.

Occasionally, he would stop to look at a bug or pick up a good stick.

Much of the time he held on to my hand as he climbed, sometimes asking to take a sip from the camelbak.

This particular route up the mountain, HaoHanPo, is the original route that was used to get to Kuling village.

Getting a good view of the situation. Almost to the top! It took about 2.5 hours to reach the top.

Schäfer taking a quick breather just before the finish. The promise of an ice cream cone kept him going.

The top of the mountain was as wonderful as ever. It was seventy degrees & sunny with an occasional breeze. This is Violin lake.

The villa was built for reflection, in more ways than one.

Schäfer wanted his picture next to the dock.

And on top of every rock. Wait…hasn’t he climbed this before?

Lots of precipices.

Plenty of valleys looking down into the flats below.

Ah! Yes! Let us not forget that I love a good somerrodelbahn. This one isn’t nearly as long as the one at the Great Wall, but it’s still fun!

Boat at Violin lake.

Certainly not the path less traveled.

Seeing a stream, Schäfer wanted to hop in and play awhile. It was an enjoyable mountain retreat for both of us!

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