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ChengDu :: Day 2

I am officially on a Benadryl hangover, but I press on.

This morning we traveled across town to get together with some friends. We were surprised to see the fabulous Miss Elizabeth was in town. After a time of fellowship (in which Schäfer sang a solo – that he made up on the spot), we

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Chengdu :: arrival

Our train arrived at 5:30 this morning. Of course, the train woke everyone up with lights and music at 4:30am – just to be sure we were ready to get off the train at 5:30am.

It was pitch black outside. On the east coast, we don’t really notice the “one country, one time zone” difference

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Off to Chengdu

About mid-morning, we met friends for noodles.

It was so hot. We begged our friends not to come to the train station.

We took the kids back to the apartment to play before we needed to leave for the station.

Selah has enjoyed having a place to crawl and play.

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Yichang :: 4

This morning, Hubs helped me get the kids to the indoor play area before heading down to the bike shop to visit friends.

Play date!

These indoor sand pits can entertain Schäfer for hours.

Zhi Qiong and Yu Jie Jie

Zhi Qiong and Zi Hai’s Mom

Meanwhile, Hubs and his

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Yichang :: 3

This morning, we met Ye Ye in town and decided to go for a walk along the river.

Schäfer easily makes friends wherever he goes.

This is such a familiar scene to me that hasn’t changed one bit.

What is new is Wan Da Plaza down by the ship

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Yichang :: 2

This morning, we walked through old, windy streets to get to our favorite breakfast hub.

The small streets were crowded with fresh vegetables, spices, and meats. It’s been a while since I’ve seen lotus pods and hua jiao for sale.

It’s a great time to buy watermelon – 8 mao a jin!

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