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Summer Sizzle Solution

If air conditioning is not an option…

how about a double fan?

Yichang :: 1

This morning, we met our friends at the zoo.

Schäfer’s former Ayi couldn’t get her hands off him. She loves him so much. Meanwhile, Sianna loved the monkey pit!

Selah had a great morning nap in the Ergo. She was equally happy to sit in the stroller. (It was probably cooler there.)

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Back to Yichang

At the end of July, we suddenly decided to visit Yichang. It had been 18 months since the kids and I had been back. I guess 18 months isn’t a long period of time, but it’s enough time to gestate a baby and return with a 7 month old!

We weren’t really planning on going

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Selah at 7 months

Can we just take a moment to talk about all the developmental milestones she hit during the past couple of weeks?

She cut her two front teeth.

She started crawling.

She started sitting up.

She started pulling up.

still no schedule.

lots of ergo.

Sometimes she wants to suck on my fingers. She broke the

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The Last Day of Preschool

Today was the last day of Xiao Ban for Schäfer.

I’m so thankful we can now officially say, “Summer is here!”

Schäfer’s school makes July and August optional. Academically, it’s spent as review time going over the lessons they had during the previous 2 semesters. There’s less students. I think Schäfer’s class went from 22

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Thank you Cai Family

Thank you Cai Family for Sianna’s birthday presents! She loved the hair bows and necklace making set.

She loved and still loves stringing these beads.

Thank you also for the baking chocolate and storage bags. It was so sweet of you to share.

We miss you guys!

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