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Thank you Peterson Family

This August, we had an opportunity to travel to Huangzhou to meet Jennifer and Joshua. Jennifer started reading my blog a while back and now we are modern day pen pals.

We brought Joshua our favorite book and explained here his English name came from.

His little heart has health issues so

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ChengDu :: Day 4

At our friend’s recommendation, we booked a driver to take us to the panda reserve. We’re staying all the way across town so the driver’s price was about the same as taking a taxi. Trust me, we could have taken the 2rmb bus, but with three kids, we decided to play the vacation card and

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ChengDu :: Day 3

This morning, we went to the People’s Park. The weather was nice and cool. It was a great place to go and let the kids run around a bit.

Sianna’s at that age where she can definitely walk and the energy to walk, but prefers to be carried. And sometimes, while being carried she’ll say

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