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A New Oven in the Middle Kingdom

Way back in 2005, when we bought our oven, it was a miracle find. We were in Shanghai having supper at a friend’s house when we saw her amazing oven. What was so amazing about it?

It actually held a 9×13 pan. Good gravy! The only ovens we had seen up to that point were of the Easy Bake size with a “six muffin tin” maximum capacity.

We asked our friend where to buy such a glorious oven and she said that she knew the exact Carrefour that carried them.

Immediately, we went to Carrefour and bought an oven. I think it was around $200 rmb which back in 2005 was $25. Of course, Hubs hand carried the oven back to Yichang.

That oven lasted 6 years. It baked so many pizzas, chicken pot pies, birthday cakes and quite possibly 5,000 Christmas cookies.

Until last Friday night… it took 2 hours to bake our pizza. The oven tried her hardest, but she could not get above 250 degrees.

Alas, Hubs said it was time to get a new oven. I mentioned that I liked the one that we used when we stayed in Qingdao for Selah’s birth.

Before I knew it, there was a new oven sitting in the house. Yep, Hubs went on and ordered a new oven for us. Simple as that. One click. And three days later it showed up at our door.

No need to travel to a larger city.
No need to run from store to store to see who has the best quality/best price.
No need to haul the thing back home. (Read: Hubs haul the thing back home.)

Life in the Middle Kingdom has changed significantly since opened for business.

No more baking pizzas or loaves of bread one at a time. The new oven has two racks! (Hubs thoughtfully requested an extra rack be included and the seller acquiesced.) We are spoiled.

2008-03-09@19-55-17 2011-09-09@15-41-04
old                                                                                                     new

Since the oven is larger, we placed it on the bottom of the hutch. Schäfer was very sad to lose access to the microwave.

2011-03-12@15-51-41 2011-09-14@10-37-29
old                                                   new

2011-03-12@15-48-44 2011-09-14@10-37-21
old                                                       new

I do get nervous having the hot oven within reach of the children, but so far no one has tried to play “touch the oven”.

3 comments to A New Oven in the Middle Kingdom

  • jdavis2

    congrats! looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations this oven will hold! may it serve you well!
    btw: i got jarod the same oven… and yes, it has treated us nicely these past 6 months. 😉

  • ShellieR

    Yay! I like the look of the new oven, and I like the way it looks on the hutch. Our Tomato Brand oven that I got back in 2009 might be on it’s last leg. The handle broke off last week, and it seems to not be able to get beyond 400 degrees F anymore… Can you share the details of the oven? I might be making a taobao purchase soon!

  • Charis

    Confession = I am jealous of your new oven.

    Mine looks pretty much like your old one. However it does still reach above 250 degrees…and for that I am thankful. Maybe in 5 years I’ll get a new one like yours. 🙂

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