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Happy Halloween 2011

Sianna 2, Schäfer 4 & Selah 10 months

Our day began with Selah trying to chew on everything in sight. Apparently, she has 2 more teeth that just broke through and are coming in at the same time. This brings her up to 8 teeth!

Sianna woke up with a

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October Wrap-Up Part 2

10.24 Sianna parks her purses on the back of Hubs chair.

10.25 Both of the kids like to “play turtle” by wearing their stool on their back.

Sianna loves to read books to bunny. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is her current favorite.

If I’m in the room, Selah will crawl over,

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October Wrap-Up Part 1

10.13 – 10.23

10.13 We are appreciating these last few blooms before the cold weather sets in.

Schäfer worked hard on his butterfly painting.

Sianna’s art contained more water than actual paint, but she had fun.

I loved Schäfer’s butterfly, but he insisted on cutting it up and mounting it on

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Preschool Sports Day

On Saturday (10.22), the 2011 preschool sports day had arrived. All the students and family members of the Olive Class were requested to wear red. We represented.

The students (and one cheerleader) waited for the events to begin!

After the mandatory speeches by the principal, random father, random student and random teacher,

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Around Town

Here are a few photos from around town…

How funny is this hat? The hair extensions are fake and attached to the hat.

In China, guns are illegal so it’s not uncommon to see kids walking around with weapons that look quite real.

Dragon boat practice on the lake.

This pom

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Garlic Breadsticks


Today, I made my first attempt at breadsticks. To my delight, they turned out perfect. I suppose Hubs and the kids agreed since they devoured them alongside my Grandmaw’s vegetable soup.

INGREDIENTS 1 1/8 cups water (70 to 80 degrees F) 2 tablespoons olive or canola oil 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese 2

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