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Merry Christmas US Consulate!


We left the flat and made it to the train station by 8:15am. Everyone was tired, but thankful for our time to play as a family. Selah took a nap on the train. Schäfer watched Thomas on the iPod and Sianna played.

We found the Guangzhou Consulate in its usual state: full of

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It’s Snowing at Hong Kong Disneyland

My little mice were delighted to have our traditional Hong Kong breakfast: Quaker Oat Squares!

After a long day yesterday, they were up at 6:30am ready to play!

First on the agenda today was to visit a friend in the hospital. In our neck of the woods, we rarely see people so it

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Merry Christmas Mickey Mouse!


Here’s what our family looks like at 5:55am after a night of sleep on the train.

Schäfer: Joyful! Slept like a log! Got his “ergo” on and is ready to tackle the day! Sianna: Morning already? Selah: Hi! Where are we going today?

Once we got through customs, we got to our friend’s

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5 Years Later


With Schäfer’s 5th birthday just around the corner comes an experience that every expat child encounters: time to get a new passport.

Yep. The passport he was given at birth only lasts for five years.

Since both parents have to be present to apply for a new passport our entire family needed to get

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Saturday 11.26

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, the kids were ready to open our Christmas box.

Inside this box contains all of our Christmas directions. The two bags on top are outside lights. (They are rather dirty so I didn’t want to mix them up with our inside decorations.)

The first thing they dug

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Local Preschool So Far…

Navigating Chinese preschool has a lot to do with the classroom teacher + the child’s personality. What works for my eldest may not work for my others. I’ve come to accept that.

Here’s our journey with local preschool’s thus far:

We put Schäfer in Bao Bao Ban at 2.5 years old because all his neighborhood

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