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5 Years Later


With Schäfer’s 5th birthday just around the corner comes an experience that every expat child encounters: time to get a new passport.

Yep. The passport he was given at birth only lasts for five years.

Since both parents have to be present to apply for a new passport our entire family needed to get to Guangzhou before December 30th. Hubs decided that it would be in our best interest to go to Guangzhou before Christmas.

The more we looked at the calendar the better a late November passport run sounded. After all, the consulate needed time to produce the new passport.

Since Guangzhou is only 2 hours from Hong Kong, we decided to get Sianna some shots and check out Disneyland during Christmas.

The day began with a phone call the Nanamaw. She sang songs to the kids (virtual babysitting) while Hubs and I ran around and finished last minute details.

After Thanksgiving, we were so delighted to set up our Christmas tree that we forgot to take Schäfer’s new passport photo. We also needed printed photos of Schäfer every 3 months from birth to present to show that this is truly the same child as the 5 day old baby in his current passport.

2007-01-03@10-36-21_edited 2011-11-27@09-48-34
Then: 5 days old                                                 Now: almost 5 years old

Once we had the photos printed and g0bbled down the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers, we were ready to head to the train station.

The kids love to travel.

Schäfer and Sianna both enjoyed playing on the top bunks. Schäfer mostly moved from bed to bed in a variety of styles and challenging maneuvers.

Sianna played up there for most of the evening, but she definitely slept on the bottom bunk. Sianna does not sleep well on the train, but that’s expected because she does not sleep well at home either. At least she’s consistent!

2011-11-27@16-27-26 2011-11-27@16-28-23
2011-11-27@16-28-30 2011-11-27@16-28-32
Selah looked all over the train and got into everything that she could.

After a long evening of sticking stickers, coloring and playdough creations, the kids settled down to watch “Calling All Engines” before bed.

This was our first time to have a soft sleeper berth all to ourselves. We threw my fleece over the top of the train tv and managed to get our space dark so the kids could go to sleep early.

2 comments to 5 Years Later

  • jdavis2

    absolutely love this post!
    the 5 day and almost 5 year pictures.
    sianna & schafer holding hands.
    selah, so beautiful & rosey cheeked in her red fleece.
    the soft sleeper car and the kind to cover the tv.
    and love you guys for sharing your lives with us.
    and merry CHRISTmas!

  • Photos every three months? That’s a challenge and keeps you taking pictures! Can’t wait to hear about your HK adventures. Be blessed.

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