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It’s Snowing at Hong Kong Disneyland

My little mice were delighted to have our traditional Hong Kong breakfast: Quaker Oat Squares!

After a long day yesterday, they were up at 6:30am ready to play!

First on the agenda today was to visit a friend in the hospital. In our neck of the woods, we rarely see people so it was wonderful to stop by the hospital and encourage a friend who has always been so helpful to us.

Our visit went longer than expected and we found ourselves literally running down the mountain on Hong Kong Island to get to the girls doctor’s appointment located in the skyscraper below.


First, Selah saw the doctor. A while ago, Selah was on some medicine for some supposed eczema that went fungal. This diagnosis was given after I sent photos to a US pediatrician. Personally, I never felt that Selah had eczema. Her symptoms did not match up with what I read online.

I thought Selah had a heat rash that went fungal. After talking with the doctor today, he confirmed that Selah does not nor did she ever have eczema. (Yes, there are times when Dr. Chan thinks I’m crazy. I can tell this by the look on his face.)

Dr. Chan prescribed Selah some cold medicine and sent her on her happy way. No shots today, but he helped me figure out her shot schedule for 2012.

Next to see the doctor was Sianna. Dr. Chan loves Sianna. If doctor’s are supposed to be biased, he’s not. He adores Sianna and constantly says, “She’s great! She’s so great!” Sianna had two shots today. Ouch.

After the doctor’s office, we went to Triple O’s for hamburgers… cause you know we gotta get some beef!

Sianna slept through most of the meal, but perked up at the end just in time to finish it all off.

Then, we went to grEAT grocery store to purchase an obscene amount of steel cut oats. (Hubs: Four boxes really.) Sianna pushed Schäfer around and they were both as happy as could be.

Speaking of fun, grEAT had real, live Christmas trees for $200USD each. You know what I did? I just stood there and smelled.

Breath deep.

We got to the park at 4pm just as the parade was ending. Schäfer was happy to see Tinkerbell and Buzz Lightyear. (Those are his favorites because they both FLY.)

Gotta love the snacks at Hong Kong Disneyland: dried cuddle fish, anyone?


Something our family has figured out is that we can enjoy the Disney parks without actually watching many of the Disney movies or buying a lot of Disney related stuff.

So far, our kids have only seen one Disney movie: Mary Poppins. We tried to show Schäfer “Cars”on his 4th birthday, but he asked to turn it off after 10 minutes and watch Thomas.

We’d like to show him “Toy Story” because he loves fellow space commander, Buzz Lightyear, but we know he can’t yet handle some scenes in those films. (He still gets upset when the trains are stuck in a tunnel.)

We like to go to Disneyland because crowded, urban Hong Kong is simply not toddler friendly. My kids don’t want to ride the MTR all day tramping from doctors offices to dentist offices to bookstores. They don’t care about chocolate chips in bulk or imported vitamins.

They want to run and play and eat ice cream. I’m not a shopper so we stay out of the pricey Disney stores.

For us, Disneyland is clean, fun and since it’s such a small park, it’s affordable – at least in this season when 2 of ours still get in for free. 🙂



Who needs a stroller?



Selah watched Schäfer and Sianna spin in the teacups. She loved holding on to these rails while she walked.

Three kids in a teacup.

Selah waiting for Mickey’s Toy-riffic Street Party (a small Christmas event on Main Street USA).

Hello Mickey!

Hello Goofy!

Hello Duffy! (This is Mickey’s newest friend.)

Hello Minnie Mouse!

Hello Donald!

During Mickey’s Christmas parade, it started snowing. It was a crazy 70 degrees and there was snow everywhere!

Selah’s first snow.

Does this even count?
No way.

Selah’s first fake snow.
That’s better.

It really was pretty magical to see snow flurrying everywhere while we were only wearing one layer of clothing! (Hubs: They were really fine soap bubbles. Pretty neat effect if you ask me. )

You might already have noticed this craze, but where we live there aren’t that many people with an iPad. But at Disneyland, we saw so many people taking photos with their iPad. (Hubs: And all fifty people behind you can now critique your photo composition as it happens.)

After a ride on It’s a Small World, it was time for Mickey’s Illumination which is a sweet little lighting of the Christmas tree ceremony. The best part: even more snow!

The light flows from the Christmas tree to make the castle bright as well.

And with that we called it a night. Tomorrow, we have to go to Guangzhou to take care of Schäfer’s passport.

Hubs and I easily agreed, we enjoyed seeing Disney at Christmas, but we think the park really goes all out during Chinese New Year.

The snow most definitely gave us a “magical day”!

2 comments to It’s Snowing at Hong Kong Disneyland

  • Amy

    Macy and I read this one together and she LOVED it. She just kept repeating your kids’ names over and over. And then we got to the part with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy and she said, “I go back to Disney land too!” I hope someday we can all do the park together. 🙂

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