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Merry Christmas Mickey Mouse!


Here’s what our family looks like at 5:55am after a night of sleep on the train.

Schäfer: Joyful! Slept like a log! Got his “ergo” on and is ready to tackle the day!
Sianna: Morning already?
Selah: Hi! Where are we going today?

Once we got through customs, we got to our friend’s apartment and all took much needed showers. Hubs made a few calls to a couple of doctor’s offices to adjust our appointment times then we headed to Disneyland.

Disneyland mouseketeer!
Hubs snapped this instagram of me doing Sianna’s hair on the subway.

As soon as we got to the park, Sianna said, “Hat on! Hat on please!”

Of course, Schäfer ran to the first candy cane he saw and tried to climb it.

Let’s check out the park all decked out for Christmas…

2011-11-28@15-31-15 2011-11-28@15-35-01 2011-11-29@17-24-25
Mickey’s tree was covered in bright colored balls and candy canes.

2011-11-28@14-53-51 2011-11-28@12-43-03
All the stores were wrapped in garland and the trees had ornaments hanging in them.

Seriously, someone must have been up all night decorating!

Our first stop for the day was the new Toy Story Land.

Photos of future park expansion here.

Schäfer was so excited to ride some new rides.

Woody and Jesse had a special spot called the “Barrel of Fun” for taking character photos. The line was long so we moved on to the rides.

Hubs: This Woody reminded me of a redwood park in Oregon we used to pass by every year on our way to visit my grandmother in Calistoga. At the park’s entrance stood a Giant statue of Paul Bunyan, which spoke to the lilliputian visitors passing beneath him. Like Paul, Woody also spoke to the diminutive Disneylanders at his feet, mostly with movie quotes like, “Howdy Stranger!”

Schäfer’s first choice was the Slinky Dog Spin. Hubs: Entering the ride from underneath a massive Slinky Dog game box was kind of interesting.

Hubs continues: This is the part where the Slinky Dog stopped near the end of the ride for an attendant to ask someone to sit down and fasten their seat belt. Two minutes later the ride starts up again only to move forward slowly for five feet before letting us out…that part wasn’t nearly as interesting.

Toy Story Land has three rides. Schäfer wasn’t interested in the RC Racer.

2011-11-28@12-02-34 2011-11-28@12-02-38

But he did want to ride on the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop which surprised me. He’s come such a long way!

All in all Toy Story Land felt a little underwhelming. I guess we raised our expectations too high.

Next, we went to Cinderella’s Carousel. After all, the girls has been extremely patient while their brother rode two rides. (read: at this point, they had eaten all the cheerios.)

It was then time to feed Selah while Hubs and Schäfer rode Buzz Lightyear.

We met up for lunch at the Starlight Diner. I ate chicken, the kids split a hamburger and Hubs had a corn dog and a nacho chili dog from a nearby stand. What can we say? It’s the cheapest food at HKDL.

After lunch, we watched the Golden Mickey’s… so Hubs could take a nap. (Hubs: too many late nights.) Meanwhile, Selah tried to crawl everywhere. Sitting in the stroller or Ergo all day is not on her list of fun activities.

We tried to do photos with Mickey, but the line was closed.

Hubs and Schäfer headed back to Buzz Lightyear while I took the girls to change their nappies.

I snapped this photo when we were walking down Main Street trying to find a spot for the parade. Yes, both of my kids love to wear hats of any kind.

I KNOW! The BOW! I just couldn’t help myself. I took these photos while we waited for the parade to start. Selah was SO happy to be out of the stroller and able to cruise around.

You know who else loved this little one? The Chinese tourist! Oh yes. She had many a photo taken.

I thought they might have a special Christmas parade, but it turned out to be the same 5 year anniversary parade.

After the parade, we said “Merry Christmas!” to Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.



I loved Mickey and Minnie’s Christmas outfits. Don’t they look just festive!? I wonder if Minnie knit that herself?


This is the only family photo we have. The assistant I handed my camera to took one photo and then seemed annoyed with my 50mm lens. Not everyone has a zoom lens people.

Selah checked out Minnie Mouse.

I LOVE this photo of my 3 kids. Schäfer is so smug with Mickey, Selah with her own red bow, and Sianna completely smitten with Minnie!

After photos, Schäfer had one request, “ICE CREAM!” (Hubs: I never realized that I look like I should be on the set of Captain EO with those glasses. Cool.)

He wanted a waffle cone “with chocolate on the bottom and mango on the top”.

This was one of those great parenting moments when we got to say, “YES! You can have any ice cream you want!”

Meanwhile, the little girls were in need of a nap. After all, we’ve been up since 5:30am.

Oh yes, he did finish that entire cone by himself.

While we ate our ice cream, the band magically appeared and started playing “The Christmas Song”. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…. which felt strange since it was 70 degrees and sunny in Hong Kong.

Hubs, Schäfer and Sianna rode Buzz Lightyear one final time while I took Selah to the baby station.

Since we’d all been up since 5:30am, we decided to call it a day. We’d come back to the park tomorrow after a doctor’s appointment.

We hoped on the MTR and decided to have supper at Ruby Tuesday’s since we had a 40% off coupon.

Maybe we were tired or maybe we’re just use to eating fresh, homemade food or maybe it was the price of our bill even after 40% was taken off (Hubs: Gack!) , but the food was just OK. It definitely felt like we were eating at a chain restaurant.

The mall had a Toys R Us store so we stopped by because there is a certain item that we want to get Schäfer for Christmas. Unfortunately, that particular toy is only available in America. Bummer.

We got back to the apartment by 8:30pm and easily put the kids down to sleep. Hubs did some internet research and learned that it would cost $60USD to ship a particular toy to China. We’re back to the drawing board for Schäfer’s Christmas gift.

What a great day. We had so much fun playing together.

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  • nanamaw

    What fun!! Disneyland at Christmas! I would want that in my stocking along with Christmas at Biltmore. Nanamaw loving the red bow in Selah’s hair.

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