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Merry Christmas US Consulate!


We left the flat and made it to the train station by 8:15am. Everyone was tired, but thankful for our time to play as a family. Selah took a nap on the train. Schäfer watched Thomas on the iPod and Sianna played.

We found the Guangzhou Consulate in its usual state: full of adoptive families! Hubs informed someone working at one of the windows that we were here for our appointment. They asked him to sit and wait.
So we sat and waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, Hubs went to a different window and the attendant said, “Why are you waiting?” (Hubs tip: If you make an appointment, take your appointment sheet up to the window and confidently declare, “Behold! We have arrived.”)

The process was rather quick. We turned in all our forms + new passport photos +20 photos of Schäfer from birth to present (one for every 3 months of time passing).

Everything was in order so we were done.

I always find my time in an Embassy or Consulate kind of lacking in ambiance. After all, we’re on US soil. I feel like someone should greet me and ask if I would like a Hebrew National hot dog or an In-N-Out burger. At the very least, they could burn a Yankee candle.

We heard that they are building a new US Consulate in Guangzhou which should allow for better ambiance than the 4th floor of an office building.

After the passport was taken care of, we had about 1.5 hours until we needed to depart for the airport. (Yeah for early bird specials!)

Of course, we walked down the street and entered the Swedish Consulate aka Ikea.

While Schäfer checked into the play area, Sianna grabbed a cart and started shopping.

Can you believe that I left Ikea with zero Christmas items? I don’t know what it was, but I was feeling indecisive so I didn’t buy anything for the kids for Christmas. I think I’m still bummed that the one item someone is asking for was not at Toys R Us in Hong Kong.

Yeah for Swedish meatballs!

While the kids enjoyed an ice cream cone, Hubs repacked our bags. I’m not saying I didn’t get supplies. I did. In fact, both kids got a heavy comforter (on sale!) that they’ve really been needing.

We took the subway to the airport for a whopping 6rmb and only 35 minutes…the subway is now the cheapest and quickest form of transportation to/from the Guangzhou airport.

It’s been a while since we’ve flown anywhere. Schäfer seemed a little nervous during take off.

Selah had no interest in sitting down.

She was ready to make new friends. And she did. Plenty.

Sianna sat with Hubs and munched down on peanuts while watching Little People.

Of course, eventually, I had to grab my little walker and keep her in my lap.

After we landed, we waited over an hour for the bus to JiuJiang. By the time we got to the city, the kids were completely asleep. We had to transfer them one by one into a cab in the ice-cold pouring rain.

When we finally got to our apartment, we carried each kid from the taxi directly into their bed.

I think the 2 days at Disney finally caught up with them.

1 comment to Merry Christmas US Consulate!

  • Carrie

    Girl, I am totally with you on the lack of ambience. I expect at least a log of processed cheese when we leave. We should send a friendly letter 🙂

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