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Black Friday 2011

The day began with…

Thanks to, and I think we’re going to hold off from buying a new Christmas CD again this year. Why buy when you can listen for free?

Breakfast was toast with apple butter. Hubs declared that Schäfer did not have to go to preschool because we would

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10 Years of Thanksgiving

This year, Hubs and I celebrated our 10th Thanksgiving in marital bliss. Wow. Time really does fly by because it feels like we’ve only been married about 3 years.

Of course, it all began when we were dating…

2001 I took my first trip to Idaho to meet Hubs family. That trip was an

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A Turkey Tale 2011


Way back in 2002, Hubs was working at Starbucks. While on a break he was reading the newspaper when he came across a brine recipe. Since the newspaper belonged to Starbucks, he walked to a nearby store, put in 10 cents, and made a copy of the recipe.

On Thanksgiving Day, Shorel cooked

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Happy Thanksgiving 2011

I walked down the hall this morning to see our Thankful Tree bursting with color.

We are loving this project. This year we only had three contributors. I can’t wait until Sianna and Selah can tell us what they are thankful for.

After breakfast, Selah was completely entertained by dumping my purse

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2011 Twas the Night Before Turkey

Today was a day of cooking.

For Thanksgiving Day, we agreed to prepare:

snacks: amish bread apple butter chai lattes

main: turkey stuffing green bean casserole (can-less! import-less!) sweet potato casserole pecan pie

(our friends are bringing food as well to help fill out the menu)

A couple of weeks ago, we randomly found

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Monday // Tuesday

11.21 – 11.22

Monday and Tuesday were busy day of shopping for supplies and getting the house ready for 19 guests. I am so delighted to host Thanksgiving this year. It has certainly put a fire under me to finish some projects.

11.21.11 Schäfer painted a welcome sign. Yes, he worked hard to write

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