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Saturday 11.26

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, the kids were ready to open our Christmas box.

Inside this box contains all of our Christmas directions. The two bags on top are outside lights. (They are rather dirty so I didn’t want to mix them up with our inside decorations.)

The first thing they dug out were our Christmas books. We have 9 books that I put away with the decorations. Get ready. We’re about to read these 9 books almost daily over the next month.

Selah loved her big “sensory bin”.

While Hubs worked on putting the lights on the tree, Selah worked hard to take them off.  This year, Selah be permanently blocked from the Christmas tree.

Sianna was right beside her Papa watching him work.

We did get the kids tree lit and Schäfer put all the felt nativity ornaments on it.

He also put 6 ornaments on the large tree.
And he broke 2 ornaments.

This was Sianna’s first time to really participate in decorating the tree.

We didn’t finish decorating because we ran out of lights. Sigh. I guess that’s what happens when you buy a taller tree.

After leftovers for lunch, the kids went down for a good nap. Then, they went outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Selah loves to walk.



Schäfer found a tree that he could climb.

This afternoon, I told Schäfer that we needed to go home so we could get ready to travel because tomorrow we would be riding the train.

He asked:

1. Are we going to Hong Kong?

2. Are we going to Disneyland?

3. Are we staying at the Disneyland hotel?

Then, I informed him that our real purpose in traveling is to go to Guangzhou to get his new passport, but since we were so close, we would be going into Hong Kong to play at Disneyland and see the girls pediatrician.

But what I didn’t tell him was:
Screen Shot 2011-11-26 at 11.57.36 PM
Toy Story Land has opened!

Oh the excitement that awaits!

This is a common scene before supper.

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