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2011 December Daily :: 31 :: New Year’s Eve

Selah sits in her high chair and waits for her post nap time snack. I love how long her hair is getting.

Schäfer worked on some letters.

Sianna enjoyed a final candy cane.

I have announced that after today, I’m taking our family off The Elf Diet and returning to a normal

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2011 December Daily :: 30 :: Happy 5th Birthday Schäfer!

By the time I finished nursing Selah, Schäfer was already out of bed sitting on the couch in the living room. Hubs and I sang him “Happy Birthday” as soon as we saw him. He bounced from side to side as we sang. He’s pure sunshine.

For his birthday breakfast, he wanted biscuits with

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2011 December Daily :: 29 :: Goodnight 4


Well, some of it was The Usual.

The rest of it was The Unusual.

This afternoon was interesting.

Schäfer did not want to eat lunch when he came home because he ate at preschool (at 11am). I offered him his favorite potatoes, but he declined.

About 30 minutes later, when I was busy getting

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2011 December Daily :: 28 :: The Zoo Keeper

Hubs was The Zoo Keeper today.

He took the little girls to Jump Zone this morning to make plans for Schäfer’s birthday party. Of course, there’s no way we can reserve the place. We just warned them that we wanted to invite several friends to come play and they said, “Not on Saturday or

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2011December Daily :: 27 :: Hello normal.

This morning Schäfer was his usual, happy self – until he went to the bathroom and threw up.

Then, he returned to his usual happy self.

Hubs declared that Schäfer was going to preschool, but I wasn’t sure.

Hubs: Does he have fever? No. Hubs: Is he lethargic? No. Hubs: Is he in any way

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2011 December Daily :: 26 :: My favorite day of the year

I’ve decided that December 26th is actually one of my favorite days of the year.

This morning, the kids played happily with their new toys.

Schäfer’s preschool called to see why he wasn’t there. Hubs essentially told them Schäfer was “recovering from the holiday”.

Because we are.

OH My Word.

The Tired.

At 10:45

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