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2011 December Daily :: 29 :: Goodnight 4


Well, some of it was The Usual.

The rest of it was The Unusual.

This afternoon was interesting.

Schäfer did not want to eat lunch when he came home because he ate at preschool (at 11am). I offered him his favorite potatoes, but he declined.

About 30 minutes later, when I was busy getting the girls down for naps, he suddenly wanted potatoes (aka my attention).

He: I’m hungry!
Me: Snack time is 3pm.


Selah was completely awake and refused to go down.

Sianna was my easy child – peacefully asleep in her bed.

2:45pm Selah sleeps.

3:00pm Sianna wakes.

Snack time!

Somehow, I spent from 12:30 – 3pm managing one child or another in some form of distress.


Due to the cold weather, we stayed inside and listened to music this afternoon.

This evening, Schäfer completed his reading lesson and we read books. It was good to sit peacefully together after such a rough start this afternoon. I love it when I’m reading and he reaches over and holds my hand.

Then, we took a final photo of Schäfer. Goodnight 4.

Tomorrow he’ll be 5.

1 comment to 2011 December Daily :: 29 :: Goodnight 4

  • nanamaw

    Dear ones, thanks for all the updates…I’ll have to get grandmaw in here for the viewing…I’m glad the kids enjoyed birthday and Christmas gifts. I love you all. Nanamaw

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