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Chinese Spiced Cider

When serving 8.9 billion sugar cookies, it’s good to have a holiday beverage to offer our guests. Since neither Hubs nor I have succeeded in making spiced cider (is it the orange rind that makes it so bitter?) we decided to create a drink that combined our love for cider with the Chinese love for all things sour.

Our beverage is almost like a spiced cider made from Granny Smith apples.

We call it Chinese Cider because the main ingredient is:
Apple Vinegar Juice


1 2L bottle of Apple Vinegar Juice
8 whole cloves
5 cinnamon sticks

1. Put everything in the crock pot so that your home begins to smell like Christmas.
2. Add 1 liter of water to kill the overly sugary taste.
3. Serve warm.

Don’t be surprised when your guests beg for more!

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