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Hello Blue

Life with three has its moments. Just after this photo was taken, Schäfer wanted Hubs to push him in the swing. Sianna wanted to swim and Selah wanted out of the pool to walk in the grass. I definitely had my hands full!

Dolphin Bay has been such a wonderful place for our family. Schäfer has enjoyed discovering hermit crabs. Today, he found his first starfish.

It was still living and so amazing.

Just when I think, “Oh Sianna would be terrified to touch that.” She reached down, grabbed it, and was completely unafraid.

Of course, Selah tried to eat it!

As girly as she is, Sianna loves sand.

We went back to the shrimp shack for supper. While we waited for food, the kids played at the ocean.

Tonight, Hubs + a few other guys went “night fishing” for squid. I never saw any squid, but according to this photo 11:45pm Hubs captured a small fish with big teeth. We didn’t eat it.

On our final day at the beach, we took a boat to Monkey Island. Again, this is one of those things where I thought, “Oh Sianna will be afraid of the wild monkeys.” When we got off the boat, she grabbed a banana, walked straight up to a wild monkey and offered it a snack.

I honestly can’t say how “wild” these monkey’s are. I think they’ve grown accustomed to boats of white people descending upon their island with bananas in tow.

Hello blue.
The water, the sky, the fresh air, the lack of concrete… it all does my soul well.

Schäfer sat in the front of the boat.

Now who’s the monkey?

We had a wonderful vacation in Dolphin Bay. On our last evening, we tried to take a family photo. Unfortunately, Selah had a fever so she wasn’t her usual, sand eating self.

2012-01-20@17-37-11 2012-01-20@17-40-04 2012-01-20@17-56-31
Schäfer 5                                  Sianna 2.8                                       Selah 1

Baby love.

Family love.

Love her.

We walked off the beach, went back to our room, and started packing. It’s hard when something I looked forward for is suddenly over.

I feel more relaxed than I have in months.

Thanks to slow internet, I took a break from all things computer.

I talked with friends. Read 4 books. Played catan. Went to bed at 8pm – multiple times.

With three kids still running around, I took some time to Be Still.

It was long overdue.

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