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Hello Nature

Hello nature.
Thailand, I’ve forgotten how tropical you are.

About 7:30am, Schäfer got off his cot (we’re all sharing one room) and opened the door to go to breakfast. I asked where he was going and he said he wanted to eat. We told him he would have to wait because breakfast was not served at the guesthouse until 8:30am.

By the time we got to breakfast, Schäfer was literally shaking!

Hubs and I felt terrible. We’re keeping a better watch on how much he is eating since he’s playing so hard.

His standard beach breakfast has become: 1 glass of chocolate milk, 1 bowl of cereal, 2 pieces of toast with pineapple jelly and whatever is special that day (eggs, pancakes, etc.) I can’t believe he can eat this much! He’s 5!

This morning, the kids moved from the pool to the swings to the ocean and back again.

Meanwhile, I soaked in the lush GREEN all around.

We found a perfect spot for afternoon snack.

2012-01-12@16-14-58 2012-01-12@16-15-17
Ice cream is a perfectly healthy snack while on vacation – especially after both took a much needed 2.5 hour nap!

Selah found a shell…

and decided to taste it.

Humm… crunchy.

This girl loves to dig in the sand.

Sianna found seashells and stood them up in the sand. She’s a busy bee.

Her masterpiece.

Schäfer ran to and from the ocean transporting water. He’s also a busy bee.

Everyone checked out the jellyfish.

A race!

Mommy & baby

When I watched the kids at the beach today, I was reminded of how much energy they have. No wonder they’ve been going crazy cooped up in the apartment all winter.

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