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There’s something really delicious about leaving cold weather. Hanging your coat in the closet knowing that if you agree to be moderately cold on the way to the airport you won’t have to lug a coat around a tropical island.

On Sunday, Hubs informed me that we would be 100% packed for our trip.


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The Tired Grouchies

I was up until 1am with Selah last night.

Then, she thew a little party at 5:45am.

Needless to say, this morning my parenting and general love for other people was lacking.

At noon, I asked for forgiveness and prescribed a nap for myself. Schäfer asked if he could nap with me.


He could

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The Photo Studio

This morning we went to the photo studio downtown.



I coordinated outfits for our entire family without buying any clothes (since 2008) – it wasn’t easy and I have no clue how the clothes will look in the picture.

Then, each of the

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Family + Sibling Portraits 2012

Schäfer 5, Sianna 2.7, Selah 1

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1st birthday party reality check

Last week, I got an e-mail from that included a survey asking how much I spent for Selah’s 1st birthday party.

Well, let’s see. The clothes: hand-me-down The food: $15 The cake: homemade The gifts: $7 Invites: word of mouth Party favors: $5 (homemade cookies) total: $27 give or take

23% spent more

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How to Drop a Decade

Grizzly Adams

Prior to our trip down to warmer climes, I decided that a shave was necessary. As always, I try to have a little fun when shaving, usually resulting in Sandra unable to look at the “strange man with the strange beard.”

What’s your favorite style?

Lord Kleinert

How to Drop a Decade]