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Valentine’s Day 2012

Our Valentine’s celebrations have tended to vary as the size of our household has grown. However, a tradition that we started in 2010 is the making of the Valentine’s Spitzbuben.

The Spitzbuben is a Germanic cookie that Sandra first encountered during her semester abroad in Austria during college. (She knows them as “Linzer” cookies.)

“Spitzbuben” is a rather unusual name for a cookie. Translated from German it means “rascal”. Others have names them “peeking boys” (maybe because the jam peeks out?). Regardless, they are fun to make and taste delicious.

2012-02-14@12-00-10, ©
Sianna was very content to “paint” the egg yolk icing on the leftover heart shaped cookies.

2012-02-14@12-00-31, ©

Big brother lent a hand.

2012-02-14@15-16-39, ©

This cupcake was happy to try kiwi for the first time!

2012-02-14@15-43-34, ©

The spitzbuben came out much better this year. In previous years, they were rather puffy.

2012-02-14@15-43-59, ©

Lots of spitzbuben made with Ikea Queen’s Blend jam. Y.U.M.

2012-02-14@15-50-16, ©

Continuing in her new tradition of construction paper seasonal wreaths, Sandra made us a Valentine’s work of art.

2012-02-14@16-14-32, ©

Love is in the air!

2012-02-14@16-48-13, ©

Now, can we possibly get all children to look at the camera for a Valentine’s day photo?

2012-02-14@16-48-42, ©

There we go!

2012-02-14@16-49-14, ©

Can we have our cookie now?

2012-02-14@17-52-47, ©

Selah, snatching love.

2012-02-14@18-05-52, ©

The older two making a Valentine’s craft that turned out… very 5 and very 2.

2012-02-14@18-55-00, ©

Baby linzer.

2012-02-14@18-55-12, ©

Yeah, I can do this cookie thing.

2012-02-14@19-01-57, ©

Jen came over with her first mamaw’s white cake… confetti style. It was incredibly rich and delicious and I had to hold myself back from having fourths.

2012-02-14@18-56-03, ©

Which one shall I eat? Decisions, decisions.

2012-02-14@18-56-56, ©

That’s the one!

2012-02-14@18-58-11, ©

Going on 10 years! I love you, babe! I look forward to many decades more of perfecting Spitzbubens with you!

2 comments to Valentine’s Day 2012

  • Jen

    I just realized that Selah is wearing the cupcake sweater that’s Sianna’s right? Are they almost the same shirt size?
    The pictures of the 3 kids together make me laugh. Especially the one in the middle, I bet you asked “Say spitzbuben!” =)
    Wish there was a way to photoshop the dent out of my cake!

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