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Giveaway Winners!

Congrats Megan, Jeanne and Lori!

I’ve sent an e-mail asking if you want the paperback or eBook version.

To everyone else – thanks so much for the comments. I fell off the couch laughing more than once.

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For the Love of Books

Introducing the JiuJiang English Library:

We love books.

As you know, Hubs is an avid Kindle reader, but we haven’t purged all of our books for eBooks.At $9.99 each, I’m not sure we ever will.

Reading is a big part of our day. Since Hubs and I are the only English speakers our

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Redefining Home :: interview with Carrie

In case you’re running behind (I generally am), we’re giving away 3 copies of “Redefining Home”.

Winner’s Choice – paperback or eBook version.

To enter, leave a comment here.

In honor of the giveaway, Carrie granted us a little interview.

How does it feel being the Varsity Team Captain?

I’m pretty sure I was

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Redefining Home :: a giveaway!

The sight of Hubs laying on the couch, Kindle in hand, laughing out loud made me realize – good things are best when shared.

We’re giving away 3 copies of Redefining Home written by my friend and Varsity Team Captain Carrie.

To enter: leave a comment telling us your most memorable intercultural experience…


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The 30’s

I spent my twenties traveling, reading, understanding, and gaining perspective. I had long conversations, a favorite drink at Starbucks, and a constant flow of frequent flier miles.

My thirties have proven to be quite different.

I travel to the grocery store. I’m reading a book on potty training. I’m understanding the necessity of a schedule.

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Hello Spring

03.17 – 03.20

Inside, the kids are free from their puff-puffs and down to wearing one layer. Enjoying her mobility, Selah dumped the counting koala’s and took apart the barometer.

Outside, my favorite flower is in bloom and the air is filled with a sweet scent.

Hello Spring.

The kids stopped

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