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8 days away

From Feb. 27 – March 5, I took a break from my everyday life.

It all started when I was invited to a homeschool gathering. After we booked my flight tickets, two random friends who live in the US wrote to say they would be traveling and we could actually be in the same place on the planet if I wiggled my tickets a little.

So, Hubs did. I don’t remember how it all worked out… something about my tickets couldn’t be changed so Hubs had to cancel them and buy new ones at the same price as the canceled ones.

Through the entire ordeal, Hubs kept saying, “You’re going.”

Our adventure begins with a nap on the bus.
Feb. 27
Our adventure began with a nap on the bus.
Our adventure began with a screaming toddler who wanted to walk all over the bus. I hoped Selah would stay awake on the 2 hour bus ride to the airport because I wanted her to sleep on the plane. After three minutes of screaming on the bus, I wanted her to sleep ASAP. Eventually, the warm bus lulled her right to sleep.

The airport was another story. I thought she would enjoy walking around, but at 14 months, it’s more than that. She has to discover everything: poking electric sockets, ripping plant leaves, entering the men’s bathroom, grabbing porcelain tea sets, etc.

I worked so hard keeping her entertained and walking her around before the flight. I knew that if I could just wear her out physically, then she would take a nice, long 2 hour nap during this first leg of the trip.

She shredded newspapers, ripped plant leaves, and grabbed expensive pottery. She entered the mens bathroom. We survived the airport.
My plan fell short.
Selah was so stimulated by the new place! new people! She couldn’t wait to walk all over the plane and make new friends. When I informed her that we needed to stay out of the aisle during beverage service, she was not pleased.

At this point, I had a BIG REALITY CHECK. For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to go home to see my family. I’ve daydreamed about asking Hubs if Selah and I could take a quick flight home this summer since Selah is still young enough to travel in my lap. After this 2 hour excursion, I know there is NO WAY that I can manage her by myself on an international flight.

While on my way to see friends + attend a homeschool gathering, I hoped to get some hugs and see some familiar faces. I could never have guessed how along each step of the way I would see people I new.

Encounter #1: I was in a larger airport waiting for my 2nd and final flight when I ran into my old friend J. We had lunch together before she caught her flight.

That evening, I arrived at my destination tired, thankful and with a full blown travel headache.

Selah was awake and happy, of course. After all, she took two 15 minute power naps at the end of each flight.

The next 36 hours pretty much blew my expectations out of the water.
Seeing T and meeting baby S.
Seeing A and meeting baby S.M.
Subway with S.
Burger King with J&T
Seeing R, J, T, M, B, S, etc. (You know who you are because I forced you to take a photo!)

Sending her back to reform global education
+ hours of good conversation with Kristen. Thank goodness Selah sleeps deep. We were up late every night.

Kristen reminded me of the global perspective.
I’ve been so tunnel focused that I forgot so much good is occurring.
I forgot that she and so many others have my back.

All too fast, my power 36 hours were over, but my cup was starting to feel full again.

2012-03-01@12-00-30 2012-03-01@12-01-19
Spending time with an old friend who knew me pre-marriage and pre-kids was good for my soul.
Meeting Deb was also a blessing.

I so enjoyed my time with these ladies because we never talked about: marriage, child rearing or homeschooling. I needed that mental break! These ladies were a very safe place for me to say anything and be my true self.

Mar 1 – 5
After 36 hours of talking non-stop, I made my way over to the homeschool gathering. This was the first time I’ve ever attended any event centered around homeschooling.

I am happy to report there were no denim jumper sightings.

Selah was delighted to be in warmer temperatures.

2012-03-02@17-53-14 2012-03-02@17-53-11 2012-03-02@17-56-24
She moved non-stop and discovered much.

Selah also made some special friends who were very attentive to her.

Once again, I was blessed more than I could have ever imagined. I had no clue who would be at this little gathering. On the first day, Selah and I walked outside our door and who should I see but my old friend Ger + 3 kids. I literally almost cried! (I thought she was in the states.)

Late one evening, Ger and I spent 4 hours talking non-stop! I was so happy, I could hardly sleep.

I saw 5 ladies that I did not expect to see and I made new friends. Such good times.

The gathering was wonderful and I think I know which direction we will be going. (More on that when I’ve actually processed information.)

Just attacked the salad bar with Deb.  Anybody up for Flight of the Gibbon?
After the gathering was over, I had some free time before my 7:30pm flight. Since Deb was still in town, we met up.

First stop, the hair salon. Selah was into everything, but thankfully nothing broke.

Then, Deb and I attacked the salad bar at Sizzler before she had a meeting.

That afternoon, I took Selah to an indoor playground so that she could work her energy off. I hoped to keep her awake until our flight at 7:30pm, but you know what happens when I make I’ll-do-this-so-she-will-sleep-on-the-plane-plans…

Feeling so refreshed and ready to see my people.
Selah fell asleep in the Ergo about 4pm. Her late day nap gave her enough energy to cruise up and down the aisle during our flight.

I enjoyed my 8 days with Selah. I’m thankful for a Husband who knew how much I needed a break and practically forced me to leave a couple of days earlier than intended.

I came back refreshed and so ready to see my people.

3 comments to 8 days away

  • Awesome! I am so glad you had that time to refresh, reflect, and recharge. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think about you often and am glad we have Pinterest and Facebook and blogs to keep us “in the loop” about each other regardless of where His Plans take us. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Wow, 8 days is a long time. Glad you could get away and find you. I LOVE the picture of Selah with the blue dress standing in the garden. BTW, your hair looks fabulous!

  • jdavis2

    ahhh… my heart rejoiced with you (seeing friends) and ached with you (exhaustion!). so thankful you had this opportunity! looking forward from learning what you’ve learned from you… ๐Ÿ™‚

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