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Our Adoption Journey


Our Adoption Timeline
07.04.07 1st contact with agency
12.17.07 dossier completed
12.29.07 LID
12.24.09 Matched
12.28.09 Received Referral
01.13.10 Travel Approval
01.24.10 Forever Family Day
02.02.10 Consulate Approval
07.16.10 US Citizenship

Thought While Waiting

When we began our adoption in 2007, expats were told to expect a 10-12 month wait. Of course, there were many unexpected dilemmas along the way: China signing into the Hague Agreement + 2008 Sichuan Earthquake + 2008 Olympics + 2009 Swine Flu + a new director.

The unknown wait was so incredibly difficult.

For an overview of our adoption journey, I created a master timeline and linked relevant posts inside.

Of course, as soon as we saw Sianna’s face those two years of waiting dissappeared.

Here are a list of links for the questions are are most frequently asked:

We called CCAA and wrote a letter asking our referral be mailed directly to us.

Changing agencies by December 1.

Shoudl we stay at the WHite Swan so we oculd get a <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Going Home Barbie</a>?

An Unexpected Rumors

Still waiting.

Verifying rumors

Getting The Call from our Agency
Receiving our Referral
Accepting our Referral
How the Matching Rooms Works
Care Package to Little Sister
Travel Approval

Adoption in Nanchang
Arrival in Nanchang
The Night Before our Family of Four
Introducing our Daughter
Forever Family Day
Forever Family Day video
Paperwork Run Around
Adoption Gift explained
Day Three of Forever
Day Four: 5 Big Changes
Home Inn: Nanchang… familiar is good.
So long windy Nanchang. Hello balmy Guangzhou.

Medical & Passport Photo Day
Guangzhou Hotels: Yes. That would be the plural.
Saturday: Free Day
Celebrating One Week Together
Off to the Consulate
Organized Paperwork
Time to take an Oath
Guangzhou Zoo & Aquarium

Hong Kong
A Day of Grace and Laksa

Sianna, this is home!

Off to Hawaii
Adoption Finalization: Why Hawaii?
Ha. Na. LU! LU!
Aloha from Hawaii
Aloha Homeland Security
Introducing America’s Newest Citizen
Ukulele Festival and other Sunday happenings
Fine Dining topped off with Dole Whip
Diamond Head Crater & Friends
Ala Moana Beach
A Vacation from our Vacation
Pineapple Plantation and the North Beach
Hanauma Bay
Celebrating Sianna
Relaxation and Remembrance National Memorial of the Pacific
Family Bike Ride to Hanauma Bay
Bike Oahu
Meanwhile the Kids and I
Pearl Harbor: The Mighty Mo
Pearl Harbor: USS Arizona Memorial
Pearl Harbor: USS Bowfin and More
Final Day in Hawaii
Hawaii with Kids

Adoption Thoughts After the Fact
Gift Giving During Adoption
Forever Family Weekend in Nanchang – 3 months later
Adoption Thoughts – 11 months later
472 days later

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