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For the Love of Books

Introducing the JiuJiang English Library:

We love books.

As you know, Hubs is an avid Kindle reader, but we haven’t purged all of our books for eBooks.At $9.99 each, I’m not sure we ever will.

Reading is a big part of our day. Since Hubs and I are the only English speakers our children hear, we intentionally read to them to increase their vocabulary.

The kids books are organized by category: Chinese, bi-lingual, English and board books.

(Christmas books are put away with the Christmas decorations to keep them special.)

I put the board books right at Selah’s height to perk her interest. At present, she mostly pulls them off the shelf, chews on some pages, carries them across the room then goes into the kitchen to dump all the rubbermaid. Gotta love life at 15 months.

Whenever people want to send the kids a little something that’s going to get a lot of use, I recommend books.

The books are read so much, that I’m starting to notice that if they are not hard back then the end is starting to split from holding.

Ripping book
I’ve found that the “I can read” or the “Step into reading” books are the worst. They so easily split at the bottom.

When we were last in America, we bought lots of books at Goodwill.

the good: they’re pretty cheap. 49 cents for paperback. 99 cents – $1.99 for hardback.
the bad: well, there’s lots of Seuss and Clifford, etc. but not many Caldecott winners.

Ryan and Meredith generously shared some books that they received free from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

The books are free and are mailed directly to your house. (As I understand it, the program is sponsored through local taxes so you have to see if your district/county is participating.)

We have signed up for this and have the books delivered to our US address. When we have a visitor, they carry the books over to us. A majority of the books are hardback. Yeah!

We’ve also found great prices on gently used books at Homeschool Library Builder. I only buy when they have big sales. They have a lot of “ex-library hardcover” which hold together well. They also organize their books according to curriculum – if that helps. I’ve found quite a few gems that are out of print.

I’ve looked on for books, but have had no luck finding a vendor with real books. I’ve seen lots of promotions like this:
Screen Shot 2011-10-11 at 8.51.42 AM

but the reality is that the vendor has xeroxed the books and are selling copies that look like this:
Screen Shot 2011-10-11 at 9.04.35 AM
I’m not sure these flimsy copies would stand the test of time.

I’ve heard that ordering from is about the same price as ordering from in the states – without international shipping, of course.

OK. You’re turn. Have you found a great place to buy books? Anybody else out there trying to grow their English library because their kids have memorized the current selection?

2 comments to For the Love of Books

  • Julie

    Thanks Sandra! I just went through my entire address book and sign up my son for Dolly Parton’s imagination library with my Aunt’s address. Hope that is allowed! We are looking forward to getting new books.

  • Amy

    Love, love, love the books. Have you ever read “The Read Aloud Handbook”? I already knew I wanted my kiddos to love to read, but that book inspired me to read even more to Macy (and now to Selah).
    p.s. Have I already asked you this? Sorry if I have. I blame sleep deprivation. 🙂

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