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Thank you Kristen

When I was on my way to the home-school gathering, Selah and I had the chance to see my friend Kristen.

Kristen and I became good friends during grad school. We had quite the gang of 5 back in those days.

Kristen always tells a story that happened the day before my wedding.

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Mid-March Happenings

This is the chart I created for the kids to countdown how many days until Mommy came home. I added the caterpillar and butterfly stickers and they were suppose to add a piece of fruit each day that I was gone.

In the end, there was one sticker left in the packet so Schäfer

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Redefining Home

Mentoring is such a heavy word.

I’m always leering when someone says, “I want you to be my mentor.” That idea is so formal and time consuming.

Since there is great wisdom in teams, I call on a group of ladies I refer to as my Varsity.

The Varsity team is comprised of a few

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Hello Friday

We got home last Saturday and needed the rest of the weekend to recover. Whew.

On Monday and Tuesday, my head was in a fog. I’ll chalk that up to re-entry shock. It’s always difficult going from sunny, warm weather to cold, rainy Jiujiang.

On Wednesday morning, I took a pregnancy test. It was negative.

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Our Adoption Journey

Our Adoption Timeline 07.04.07 1st contact with agency 12.17.07 dossier completed 12.29.07 LID 12.24.09 Matched 12.28.09 Received Referral 01.13.10 Travel Approval 01.24.10 Forever Family Day 02.02.10 Consulate Approval 07.16.10 US Citizenship

Thought While Waiting

When we began our adoption in 2007, expats were told to expect a 10-12 month wait. Of course, there were

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The Yunnan Excursion

03.05 – 03.10

Hubs, Schäfer and Sianna meet up with Selah and I in Kunming. Since our flight arrived late in the evening, Hubs took the kids to a park to enjoy the spring weather and work some energy off.

She’s a joy.

He’s all boy.

We headed south to visit

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