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Baby Basics :: Bath

Bath time is play time!

We like to bathe our kids until they are pruned.

A variety of baby bath tubs are available in China for about $10.

We used an insert for Schäfer, but then it broke when on loan to a friend. So Sianna and Selah never had an insert. I don’t think they are necessary. We used our hand to support them and that worked fine.

When Selah was almost 2 weeks old, we bathed her in a mixing bowl in the sink.

There are a wide variety of Johnson & Johnson products available locally.
To name a few:
top to toe (my newborn favorite!)
baby bath in regular, lavender, floral, peach, and milk scents
baby powder
mosquito repellant

No More Tears shampoo

Basic lotion is available, but if your child has sensitive skin, this “soothing naturals” line of products might be helpful.

Washcloths & Towels
Baby washcloths are available locally. I have not seen any towels with the hoodies on them like you can get in the states. Of course, there are plenty of basic towels that can be used.

Training Potty
Little training potties are available. Some local friends gave us one, but we never used it. When it was time for potty training, we went straight to the big, flush-able toilet without any problems.

Shopping List
Available in China
Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, bubble bath, lotion, etc.
basic towels
training potty

Bring from America
organic, all natural baby products (if you prefer)

How about you? Did you bath your baby in a sink? Anybody else blow bubbles in the bathtub to create a more spa like experience? If you’ve found a great all natural baby product, please share!

2 comments to Baby Basics :: Bath

  • Julie

    Kitchen sink = baby bath!! Leaning over the tub with or without the baby bathtub thing makes my back hurt to think about it!!!

  • Eden

    Just a comment about the Elsker baby products (imported from Denmark) available at Walmart. I decided to try them because they claim to be carcinogen free — I didn’t care for them very much. The scent for the boys’ bath wash smelled too much like a sports’ deoderant, and my son, who has sensitive skin, did break out in a rash after using it. I’m sticking to Johnson & Johnson baby products. I haven’t tried the Soothing Naturals line because some of it seems a little pricey — maybe some day.

    During our most recent trip to the States, I tried Suave Naturals for baby wash and really liked it. I got it for a good price, there was no scent, and my son did not have a reaction to it. If we could just get it over here, I’d be very happy!

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