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Good Friday Goodness


Hello basil.

We have squash, tomato and lemongrass sprouting.

Hello squash.

I spent the early morning trying to get ready for our Easter parties. This bag of 48 eggs offered Sianna endless entertainment. (Does anyone else think it’s strange that they sell plastic eggs by multiples of a dozen?)

Selah was pleased to check out the eggs.

Mostly, she wanted to eat them.


Where Selah could only be entertained with the eggs for 4 minutes. Sianna sat there and put all 48 eggs together according to color. She was such a busy bee.

I made a little ABC matching game with the eggs for Schäfer. (saw this idea on Pinterest a while back)

I scrambled the eggs and had the game waiting for him after his nap. (These days, Schäfer doesn’t nap often, but he needed one today.)

While all three kids were asleep and the house was totally quiet, I made Resurrection Eggs for the first time. I’ve never done it before because I didn’t have 14 plastic eggs.

I know the Resurrection Eggs can have different items inside. I collected: bread, coins, purple cloth, thorns, rope, cross, nails, sign, sponge, spear and rock.

Hubs stopped by a shop on his way home and the shopkeeper gave him 3 small nails. So, I was able to make the Resurrection Eggs for free – everything else we already had at home or came from nature.

Selah woke after 1.5 hours and would not go back down. She and I had a pear together while the big kids slept. I was doing anything I could to keep her quiet!

When Schäfer woke, he saw the game and immediately started putting eggs together. I thought he might just match the colors, but he stayed focused on finding the letters. 52 shells was a little intimidating at first, but he hung in there and finished his game.

For the grand finale, I had him put all the eggs in order.

Good job Schäfer! I think Sianna and Selah will enjoy this simple game in the years to come. Of course, we’ll still use these eggs for hunting.

By 5pm, I was about to go insane so I took the kids outside. Whew.

We ate Fajitas for lunch and supper. Good thing nobody around here minds leftovers.

Hubs read the Easter Story to the kids before bed.

Selah tried to sit in Hubs lap by way of jumping on top of Sianna. I guess that’s the signal that it’s bedtime for our wee one.

Hubs read the Easter story and walked the kids through the Resurrection Eggs. Schäfer asked if he could present the Resurrection Eggs in Chinese at our parties. We are excited about his, but will need to review some of the words.

Sianna wouldn’t go to her bed without putting all the empty eggs back together properly and setting them in the carton. Busy bee indeed.

We’re having a quiet night and are gearing up for a busy day tomorrow.

2 comments to Good Friday Goodness

  • pam

    Happy Easter! Schafer,Sianna and Selah look like you are having fun! Grandma loves you!

  • Yam

    What fun! Neat ABC game! Did I tell you that my eggshell seeds never came up? 🙁 disappointing. I just planted the leftover rosemary seeds in a regular pot…hoping for better results.

    Happy Easter weekend to your family!

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