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May Days

May was CRAZY.

I spent the beginning of the month ordering home school materials, potty training, celebrating May holiday, Mother’s Day and Sianna’s birthday all with mastitis.

Somehow, after 16 months of nursing, I mysteriously developed mastitis on my right side. After three very painful weeks of constant nursing, I started taking an antibiotic. We couldn’t get the medicine in single pill form so I had to take four pills three times a day. The medicine made me sick, but I think the mastitis is now gone.

Just after I started feeling better, Schäfer suddenly got a virus. By the time the first virus was taken care of, a second virus came into his system. He ran a fever for over 7 days. Sianna and Selah were also sick for a few days.

Since my body was coming off antibiotics, I also got a virus and spent time in bed whenever Hubs could watch the kids. (Jen came and watched the girls one morning too.) I was in such bad shape even Ayi offered to watch the girls so I could rest.

By the final week of May, we were all healthy again.

Here are a few memories…

Schäfer paints a Komodo Dragon – his favorite animal.

After an art project, I was washing Sianna’s hands while Hubs was washing Schäfer’s hands. I asked Hubs, “What’s Selah doing?” Hubs ran into the living room to find Selah painting the floor and window with red paint. She was very happy.

We have a strong crop of squash and Bradley tomatoes. Grow garden! Grow!

Schäfer looked this lethargic for over a week. He felt so miserable he could hardly play with toys. Right now, his favorite movie is Wall-E. He wore his Wall-E shirt and sat next to “Eve” (a robot from the movie) while he watched the movie.

2012-05-26@11-19-59 2012-05-26@11-20-13
Hubs and Schäfer made a Wall-E.

The summer students are here and culture is being exchanged.

It’s hard to believe Selah can sit at the little table.

All the kids like watching Hubs water the garden… and the windows.

We took the students for a boat ride on a nearby lake. Schäfer did most of the driving.

After the boat ride, we ate at a local restaurant. Selah sat in Hubs lap and fed herself.

Our garden is coming together nicely. Hubs put in poles for the bulging Bradley tomatoes.

1 comment to May Days

  • I think this has to be the biggest understatement I’ve read in a long time: The summer students are here and culture is being exchanged. Oh, the memories. Hopefully it was/is fruitful also.

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