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Mother’s Day 2012

Mother’s Day morning was a little more crazy than usual. We were hosting 6 people for breakfast and couldn’t seem to get anything done with a screaming toddler. At 9am, I took all the kids outside and left Hubs to finish the morning preparations. (It’s amazing what you can get done in a quiet house!)

The kids had a great time outside. Everywhere we looked, there were butterflies. The kids enjoyed trying to catch them. I enjoyed how much running around they were doing.

2012-05-13@09-59-02 2012-05-13@10-10-39
Schäfer with a butterfly. Sianna with a flower.

About 11am, Schäfer stepped in some doggie poo. He tried to wipe off his shoe by brushing it against his leg, then he tried to wipe his leg off with his hand which he wiped off on his shirt. Bath time!

Once back outside, Schäfer was in full fledged butterfly catching mode.

Let’s take a group photo!
(Obviously, not a good idea.)

Thanks for the photo!
And they’re off…

Where are you going?
Anywhere fast.

What in the world are you eating?

Got one.
We got home in time for lunch and naps.

After naps, we got the paints out.

Sianna loves to paint.

Final project.

Schäfer working on a dinosaur picture.

2012-05-14@15-18-38 2012-05-14@15-22-20
The draft.                                                             The painting. (phase 1)

Selah can’t be around the paints yet because she likes to eat them and paint the walls so I took her to the hair salon.

Around noon, I started getting a headache due to an antibiotic I have to take for 7 days. By 5pm it was really, really hurting so I thought a shampoo from a local salon might help it go away. In China, when they wash your hair they spend some time massaging your head and neck. Unfortunately today, it did not help. My head was in so much pain that the massage actually hurt.

Oh and while I was having my hair washed, Selah wouldn’t let anyone else hold her so she sat on top of me. Mental image: me lying down  with my hair in the sink with a 17-month-old bouncing on top of my stomach sticking her fingers up my nose.

Motherhood at its finest.

My firstborn. I can’t believe 5.5 years has passed since that tiny infant was placed on my skin.

He made me a Mommy.

My eldest daughter.

Sianna is all about Mommy these days. If she sees two of any animal she’ll say,”This is Mommy and this is Na Na.”

My toddler who could hardly stop to look at the camera.
She plays hard. Loves big. And lives large.
Nothing slows her down. She climbs the bunkbeds and leaps into our arms without a second thought.

At this moment three things were going on:
the Biggies were running around chasing butterflies
my headache was getting worse
Schäfer stepped in dog poo. Again.

He wiped it off his shoe onto his leg. Then, he wiped his leg off with his hand. Again.

We went home and get everyone into baths and bed. By 8:30pm, I could hardly move because my head hurt so bad. I couldn’t stand. Hubs helped me get into bed. By 9:30, I was hugging the toilet bowl. I’m not sure how good antibiotics are if you can’t keep them in your stomach.

So, I guess I had a true Mother’s Day. My Littles needed to go outside so I missed any kind of special Mother’s Day breakfast. My son accidentally covered himself in doggie poo. Twice. I was sick, but could not rest. I went to the hair salon and chased my 17-month-old around while the stylist tried to brush my hair. I accrued two beautiful paintings and cherished photos.

Love these long, busy days.

6 comments to Mother’s Day 2012

  • jdavis2

    especially love the mommy with child photos. beautiful and precious.
    especially sad to hear about your mother’s day headache. hopefully by now you’re feeling completely well.
    btw: love seeing you as a mommy… so natural.

  • Lynn

    Well if you can’t have a restful mother’s day, memorable is my second choice.

    We had Maggie’s party the day before mother’s day instead of the 20th. It was a crazy day. It rained buckets at our sprinkler/slip n slide party, so,the girls wore dress up clothes and played with the kids toys.

    Maggie has gotten on a mommy/baby kick too. It must be developmental. We had a movie night and watched disney’s tarzan on amazon. She cried the whole way through and she isn’t usually sensitive like that. First mommy gorilla’s baby dies. Then tarzan’s parents. Then alpha gorilla rejects tarzan. She even cried when jane told tarzan she couldn’t stay in the jungle! It was a poor choice in movie, but we only remembered the swinging in the trees part!

    • Lynn, I check all our movies with because I usually forget what’s really in the movie. For her birthday, we wanted to show Sianna Cinderella, but after reading their analysis I went for Toy Story 2. & one afternoon, Hubs wanted to show Schäfer Jurassic Park. After checking with he realized that movie was appropriate for a 12 year old! Thank goodness he did not show that to Schäfer. He would have been traumatized!

  • What a way to spend a true Mother’s Day…there’s nothing better than being a Mommy, is there? You look great & your kids are precious! 🙂

  • Such a true description of motherhood! Way more accurate than ANY card at Hallmark!!! 🙂 You have three precious kids!

  • Rebecca C

    I’m sorry about the headache, but it’s amazing all the things you did in one day in spite of it! Besides that I laughed and laughed at this post. I can’t believe Schafer did the same thing the second time with the poo. Well, now that I have a boy of my own, I guess I can.

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