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Pregnancy & Childbirth :: Books + Apps

12.09.2006 – Hubs searches for our firstborn’s name.

Books are a pregnant Mommy’s best friend. There’s nothing like laying on your side with pillows all around and a good book in hand.

Favorite Pregnancy Books

With Schäfer, I read each chapter of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I did my best not to read ahead. With Selah, I only referred to the index a couple of times and quickly checked each month’s doctor recommendations. The index in this book is excellent so I’m not sure getting the kindle edition would be the same.

I also subscribed to to get weekly updates on the baby’s growth. I enjoyed getting these brief e-mails telling me the size of my baby.

For Schäfer I read both the The Name Book and 35, 000 Baby Names in their entirety. For Sianna and Selah, I think I searched more on-line. By that point, we were stuck on the letter “S” so it didn’t take me long to read the name books.

Favorite Childbirth Books
You wouldn’t take a test without studying so why would you go into labor without preparing?

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way is truly the only birth book you need. It contains practice exercises that help you understand labor and your Husband understand his role as birth coach.

I’ve also read Husband-Coached Childbirth which is a good resource for understanding the Bradley Method philosophy, but it does not prepare you in the same way “Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way” does.

Favorite Breastfeeding Book

I highly recommend getting some type of book or spending some time reading on-line about breastfeeding before the baby comes. I thought breastfeeding would be a natural thing. It is natural, but it doesn’t always come naturally.

Mommy is in charge of getting a good and proper first latch. I messed that up with Schäfer and had a very painful experience. With Selah, I spent some time reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding so I was more prepared. From her first latch to present, we’ve had a wonderful breastfeeding experience.

I used iPregnancy mostly just to check and see how far along I was.

I also had an app like this to measure my contractions. For both Schäfer and Selah, I spent quite a bit of time at home laboring. With Schäfer, I had at least 5 hours of hard labor at home before we got in the taxi to go to the hospital. For Selah, I accidentally stayed at home too long! Those steady 8-minutes-apart contractions had me fooled.

Using an app to log when my contractions started and peaked was easy and very helpful. I highly recommend it.

I noticed there is an What to Expect app and a app. Both are free.

What was your favorite baby book? Did you find a certain App to be an invaluable resource? Anybody else deliver a baby while the contractions remained 8 minutes apart?

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