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The Longest Move… Ever

After 3 days of packing through the night, the movers came and hauled our stuff into a truck.

Hello caffeine. I got through the day with a little help from my friend’s at Tea Element.

2012-06-22@11-53-05 2012-06-22@11-53-12
Selah enjoyed a coconut milk. Schäfer had a mango slush.

2012-06-24@15-57-32 2012-06-24@15-57-02
Two days later, we returned because there were some cords I could not get out of the wall. Hubs was anxious to see the garden.

I’ve dreamed of yellow crook neck squash for years.

Bradley tomatoes – just like my Grandmaw likes.

I don’t think our carrots are quite ready for eating.

A couple of days after that, I took Schäfer back to school to say bye to his classmates.

This was his cubbie.

He said goodbye to Xiao Li Laoshi. She’s the reason he loves Chinese school.

He said goodbye to Da Li Laoshi. She’s the reason he can speak Chinese. She worked with him for 20 minutes one-on-one everyday while the other students were practicing English.

The last time he’ll walk out of this school. I’ve seen it M-F for the last 2 years.

This was a tough moment for me – probably the reason my camera was not set properly.

Then, we went to the post office to mail the items that did not fit on the truck. The moving company took all of our stuff then brough back what could not fit. We had no say in what was returned. This bike could not be “sewed” at the top so our friends mailed it from the train station. So thankful for friends who have helped us along the way.

Sianna traveled with me for a final trip to turn in our keys and ship a final box or two. She skipped her afternoon nap so by the time we got on the train she was exhausted. Wearing her reminded me so much of our first year together.

Such a fuzzy one when she wakes up.

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