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The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks

The R family recently moved and passed along a nice stack of books to our kids. I know some people have issues with the Berenstain Bears series, but we’re OK with those silly bears.

They go into the same category as:
I played with Barbies.
I adopted a Cabbage Patch Kid. etc.

Anyway, sometimes I think through my day in Berenstain Bears titles.

The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with the Blood Stain on the Landlord’s Couch
The Berenstain Bears and Too Many People Staring
The Berenstain Bears Count Chickens at the Market

The kids love these books because the bear family has the same number of kids in the same order as our family.

Brother Bear
Sister Bear
and Baby Honey (“Who’s always sticky – just like Selah!” according to Schäfer.)

Thank you R family! The books  and toys you sent are already treasured.

The Berenstain Bears Gave Thanks for Used Books

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