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Young Family Days

These are our Young Family Days.

I’ve found that college students can’t relate.

And couples near retirement can’t remember.

The only people who get this season are other families who also have young children.

Last Sunday, we were seated at a table with 6 adults and 9 children.

It was wild. It was loud.

It was fine.

It was not perfect. (Let’s not kid ourselves.) Quiet, uninterrupted conversation is golden.

But loud rooms filled with kids building towers at the nearby mahjong table is… normal.

When we stay in a hotel, Hubs and I hang out in the bathroom while the kids catch the last boat to dreamland.


Riding on a bus with three kids is normal. I have to haul the stroller on the back of the bus while people watch. Then, I have to leave the kids while I go to the front and ding my bus card.

Meanwhile, one child is overwhelmed and refused to sit in my lap. Another child is begging to sit in my lap since it is available. Yet another child is ready to leap out of the stroller.


Grocery shopping is limited with littles in the cart.


Grocery shopping is extremely limited if I’m by myself.


Eating out in a restaurant isn’t our idea of a good time. Sianna and Selah still need assistance. Of course, spoons are dropped, trips to the potty are requested and high chairs are never available.


Sitting in a taxi is opportunity for discovery. I work to teach the kids “car manners” such as not putting their shoes on the seat, no screaming, no opening the door, no touching everything in sight.


Taking an evening walk might not be a good idea when two little people prefer to be carried.


We’re in this season where nap times are vital to keeping meltdowns at bay. Snacks are frequent. Phone conversations are limited. Staying at home reading books is so much easier than going downtown.

I spend my days filling cups, wiping, washing, picking up, reading books, and answering questions like, “Why do we have tonsils?” Then, losing my mind because I can’t remember why we have tonsils. They are not vital. People have them taken out. Why can’t I remember the purpose of tonsils? I have two master’s degrees… better ask Google.



9 comments to Young Family Days

  • Loved this post–we are definitely in the same season! I could relate 100%. Everywhere I go I feel like people are watching us and thinking, “Wow, they’re so unorganized.” But you’re right…it’s “Normal”. 🙂

  • Angela

    LOVE this. I’m inspired to make my own list.

  • jdavis2

    YES! thank you for accurately depicting my life! you have such a wonderful way with words… and your little ones. we love you all!

  • My dad told me, “These are the best days of your life.” Somehow, I know you will agree. The funniest part was realizing your kids have no clue about fanatical US car seat rules…Guess we are into containment! And convenience. Oh, safety too.

  • Beth M.

    Oh, wow – I so feel your pain! I can relate to most everything you said, except for the car manners, although it is a struggle getting ours in their seats at times! I can’t imagine having three little ones in a foreign country, although that is your home and your normal! At any rate, thank you for confirming to me that we aren’t the only people who hate going out to eat! 😉

  • Eden Cai

    I thought my toddler would have a tough time adjusting to car seats after enjoying the “freedom” of traveling in buses and taxis in China. However, before we left for our visit to the States, we made a point of telling our kids that they would have a special chair in the car to sit in just for each one of them that would help them see out the windows when we got to America. When they met Grandma at the airport, that was one of the first questions asked, “Is there a special chair in your car for me?” Now, whenever my toddler gets in the car, she says, “My chair better.” She loves it! I’ve been really thankful that it hasn’t been much of a struggle to get used to.

  • Donna

    Yes, though mine are all now teenagers your post reminded me of many memories. Be encouraged, there are new adventures to come!

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